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Worms in Fruit

Not long ago, we received a question about worms and fruit from a reader. More precisely, the reader was curious about what type of worm lives in fruit. While we understand the question, there are two things that are misleading about it. One, there are several types of “worms” that live in fruit (or at least eat fruit), so the answer to our reader’s question won’t be singular. Two, none of the creatures that we know of that live in or consume fruit are actually worms. Rather, they are caterpillars (the larval form of moths and butterflies) or some other type of larva. For this reason, we can’t say what type of “worm lives in fruit,” but we can list a few different creatures that you might find in fruit. In doing so, we hope that we answer our reader’s question, even though we must replace his question (what kind of worm lives in fruit?) with our own (what are some common larvae that live in fruit?)

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Cucumber Worms

Cucumber worms have infected a reader’s fruit, we have recently learned. The reader knew that his fruit, the variety of which is unspecified, was infected by a cucumber worm, so he promptly threw it away (good call, as they leave pits in the rinds of fruits and vegetables, and worms leave behind their waste, known as “frass”). However, since the cucumber worm was discovered and the fruit it infected has been discarded, can the reader still keep the rest of the plant, or is the entire plant beyond hope because one of its fruits was infected?

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What is a Cucumber Worm?

A cucumber worm is a white worm that tunnels its way into cucumbers and other fruits and vegetables, leaving waste or “frass” at the entry point.