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Discovering Case Bearing Larvae and Carpet Beetle Larvae Together

We have explained why case bearing moth larvae and carpet beetle larvae are sometimes found together or near each other. Neither of these creatures is actually harmful, but they can be destructive and are therefore both considered to be pests.

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Moth Larvae Infestation in Closet and Garage

Our reader is dealing with clothes moths and case bearing moths, and their larvae. Clothes moths and case bearing moths are actually both types of clothes moths, and both are found in North America.

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Worms That Eat Your Clothes

It is estimated that winter irrigations can reduce populations of bollworms by as much as 50-70 percent. Another way to control bollworm populations is by cutting off irrigation early.

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Clothes Moth Larvae

Clothes moth larvae are the beginning life stages of the unusual case-bearing clothes moth. They feed on carpets and clothing – even bedding, as well as debris around the home, dried cereal, and vegetable matter.