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Pink Fluff Invades Clothing and Raises Concerns About Clothes-eating Pests

“Are these fabric moths and carpet beetles?” asks Shanan about the two different objects pictured below, one pink and stringy, and the other a tangled mess of greenish-gray threads. “I’ve been at war with them for about three years now. I’ve sprayed numerous pesticides, different dusts, and vacuumed until my arms fell off! I’ve had to move, get a new car, and buy brand new clothes more times than I can count. Tip: New clothes are infested as well. They also like to munch on my hair. I’m at the end of my rope. Please help. I live in Southeast Georgia. These are pieces of material that I cut out of a brand new jacket!”

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Glossy Black, Segmented Creature is a Carpet Beetle Larva

A glossy, black worm-like creature was found by this reader in his friend’s room. He says there are a lot of them and asks that we tell him what it is.