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Reader Bitten By Click Beetle Larva

We believe the “creepy crawly” our reader was bitten by is a click beetle larva, a.k.a. a wireworm. These creatures don’t usually bite unless attacked or under threat, so we don’t know why it bit our reader while he was sleeping.

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Worms in Potatoes: Wireworms

A reader wrote to us to ask what kind of worms eat potatoes underground. Worms are evidently borrowing into our reader’s potatoes (or “potatos,” if you simply can’t tolerate the randomness of English spelling), leaving close to nothing behind. Not surprisingly, the reader was also wondering how to get rid of these potato worms. Of course, in order to get rid of a worm you need to know what it is, so we’ll begin by answering our reader’s first question: we suspect he found wireworms (sometimes incorrectly spelled “wire worms”), which may or may not be attacking the potatoes in conjunction with another creature. Without any pictures or a physical description of the creature our reader found, it hard to be sure that he did in fact find wireworms, but wireworms definitely seem to be the most likely candidate. In most discussions involving worms and potatoes, wireworms come up.