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Clear, Yellowish Worm on Dog is a Flea Larva

“I read an article about a little white worm, but the person who posed the question didn’t include a picture”, writes this reader in her submission, attaching a picture of a little white worm herself. “The description matched a worm I recently found. Location: St. Louis, Missouri. My dog is on normal flea, tick, and heartworm prevention, but I discovered a very tiny and thin, white worm on the surface of her fur. We had just been outside in the grass. I assume she picked it up from there. Here are a few photos of what the worm looks like. It’s not very long, but if it crawls, it can stretch itself out to a little over half an inch. If it stays still and doesn’t move, it is half a centimeter. I hope the pictures are good enough. It was hard to focus the camera. Appreciate any insight! Thank You!”