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Worm Discovered in Cat’s Vomit

A reader sent us a photo and asked, “What are these creatures?” She explained that she found them in her cat’s vomit and she suspects they are caterpillars.

larva on sheets
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Worms or Larvae in Your Sheets: Is Your Cat Responsible?

We received a question from a reader a little while back about a worm she found in her sheets while using a lint roller. (To address the terminology issue up front, we should note that she probably found a larva in her sheets, not a worm, so we’ll use “larva” from here on out.) The reader shares her room with a cat, and although she doesn’t let the cat on her sheets for shedding-related reasons, she thinks the cat might be responsible for the larva’s presence in her room. If not, she suggests that it might be coming from her (the reader). In addition to the origin question, she also wants to know what the larva is, so we’ll address both of these matters below.

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Coughing Up Worms

In the earliest stages of heartworm, there are no abnormal signs of infection. Even in mild cases, however, coughing is present. In the moderate stage, you may notice more intense coughing, exercise intolerance, and abnormal lung sounds.

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What Do Cat Worms Look Like?

Ringworm isn’t a worm, but rather a skin fungus. The fungus is shaped like a worm and it can be found on your cat’s skin.

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Symptoms of Worms in Cats

Symptoms of worms in cats are pretty much the same as dog worm symptoms. Some are visible to the naked eye while others are not. One of the most obvious symptoms of worms in cats is the presence of worms in your cat’s stool. Your cat might have any number of parasitic worms in its feces such as the half-inch-long hookworm or a tapeworm. The tapeworm can reach up to a whopping three feet long if left untreated and it may have as many as 90 segments.