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Discovering Case Bearing Larvae and Carpet Beetle Larvae Together

We have explained why case bearing moth larvae and carpet beetle larvae are sometimes found together or near each other. Neither of these creatures is actually harmful, but they can be destructive and are therefore both considered to be pests.

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Both Case Bearing Clothes Moth Larva and Carpet Beetle Larva Found on Bed

One of our readers discovered two specimens on her bed: case bearing clothes moth larvae and carpet beetle larvae. Both of these larvae are considered to be household pests, so it is important that our reader begin cleaning to get rid of them ASAP to keep the damage to a minimum.

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Types of Pouch or Case Carrying Worms

It makes a portable case of silk mixed with plants, rock, twigs or sand. In some cases, the caddisfly uses silk alone to create its case, but for the most part, the creature covers it with sand or other debris.

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Case Carrying Worms

Worms have the ability to carry little cases around and what’s even more interesting is the cases may be made of everything from a cement-like substance to silk or even sand!