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Bumps on Leaves: Worms, Larvae, or Just Leaf Galls?

A reader wrote to us about some bumps on the leaves of his trees. Although the leaf bumps are only, well, bumps, the reader suspects that “it’s worms.” What precisely he means is unclear, but we suspect he means that either worms are causing the bumps on the leaves, or perhaps that the worms are somehow disguised as, or covered by, the bumps on the leaves. The reader also asked “how to get rid of them,” and again it isn’t exactly clear what this means because “them” is undefined. In any case, we’ll have to focus on the prior question – are the bumps on the leaves worms (or something else, like larvae or leaf galls?) – as this matter must be settled before there is any talk of remedies or elimination. A diagnosis always precedes a cure.