Millipede curls up in tight circle
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Hard-Shell Worms that Curl Up Probably Millipedes

One of our readers has asked about “hard shelled worms about 1/2 to 1 inches long that curl into a…

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Brown and Black Worms that Curl into a Circle

A while ago a reader wrote to us about some brown and black worms she is finding all over her apartment, including on her tile floor and the rug in her bedroom, as well as on the walls of her house. When they die, the worms “curl into a circle.” The reader refers to the worms in quotes, indicating that she is using the term loosely, and we think she is right in doing this, as it seems she is finding millipedes. However, the reader anticipated this suggestion, and said that she thinks the creatures she is finding are too skinny to be millipedes. So, below we explore our reader’s situation in more depth, trying to decipher if she found millipedes or something else.