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Brown Worms or Centipedes that Move Fast

A reader sent us a question about three-inch brown worms that he is finding on his kitchen floor, as well as occasionally in his living room and bathroom. The worms (if they even are worms – they might be centipedes) move “very fast like a snake.” In fact, even when they aren’t moving quickly, the way they move still resembles a snake. So we are dealing with brown worms (or “brownish” worms, as the reader has it) that are three inches long and move like snakes, often quite quickly. To this description the reader adds two notes: first, he only finds the worms or centipedes or whatever they are one at a time. Second, and rather gruesomely, the creatures only die when they are burned in a fire. (Unfortunately, one is all but forced to imagine the other methods that failed.) In light of all this information, what is our reader finding?