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Fuzzy, Brown Creature Nibbling on Geraniums Could Be Cream-spot Tiger Moth & Fox Moth Caterpillars

“Who is this guy nibbling my geraniums?” asks this reader, who states she does not “have the heart to evict him and his buddies.” This creature “and his buddies”, as photographed by our reader, appear to have brown, fuzzy bodies, and are perhaps an inch in length, judging from the size comparison to our reader’s fingernail.

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Cluster of Eggs in Cotton-Like Webbing are Fall Armyworms

A patch of “cotton-looking structures” were found attached to the brick outside of this reader’s front door. Our reader wonders what “brand of creature” these may be, which appear to be as white in color as the cotton-like webbing they were found in.

fuzzy brown caterpillar
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Fuzzy, Brown Caterpillars

We received a question from a reader earlier today about a fuzzy, brown caterpillar that her daughter found in the yard. She actually referred to the brown and fuzzy creature as a “worm,” but we are virtually certain she found a caterpillar, so we’ll simply use “caterpillar” in place of the reader’s “worm” as we move forward. The reader was first of all wondering what the brown and fuzzy caterpillar is, and she also wanted to know if it is dangerous or harmful in any way. Thus, we have a two-part question to address: what kind of caterpillars are fuzzy and brown, and are these caterpillars dangerous?

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Caterpillars with Large “Eyes”

We recently received a couple of great photos of a brown caterpillar (or rather a brownish, tan caterpillar) from a reader. The reader correctly assumed he had found a caterpillar (as opposed to a worm, which is what many people who find caterpillars assume them to be), and he was wondering what kind of caterpillar he might have found. It has dark stripes on its body and what appear to be large eyes. We can’t be sure how big it is because there is no scale in the picture other than a leaf (which we also don’t know the size of), but we would guess it’s around an inch or so in length (most caterpillars are around this size). So, what is this brown, striped caterpillar?