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Uncertainties as to What This Pink Worm in Toilet is

A long pink worm was found in the toilet of this woman who wonders if we can tell her what it is, and if it is a parasite. According to our reader, the worm “seems to have little legs”, although this is difficult to discern from the image provided.

bristle worm
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Bristle Worms Dying in Aquarium

We received a question via the All About Worms Facebook page from a reader whose bristle worms have died in his aquarium. Actually, the worms didn’t just die, but “simultaneously combusted,” although presumably this can’t be taken too literally, as we don’t see how worms in a fish tank could be consumed by fire. The reader isn’t worried about the worms themselves, but he is concerned if the death of the bristle worms is a bad portent, spelling trouble for the rest of the tank. So, essentially, the reader wants to know what it means when the bristle worms in your aquarium die.

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How to Set Up a Marine Worm or Bristle Worm Farm

An enterprising reader recently wrote to us about the prospect of raising marine worms for commercial purposes. He was wondering if this is possible, and specifically mentioned creating a “bristle farm” (by which he presumably meant a farm for raising bristle worms, or polychaetes). The reader didn’t ask any specific questions about how this operation might be set up, so we won’t get into the specifics of setting up a marine worm farm that is designed to turn a profit. Instead, we will focus on the general feasibility of this project.

bristle worm
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Where Can I Find Poisonous Worms?

It is rare to come across a worm that stings outside of tropical regions, but if you do, chances are it is a bristle worm. Bristle worms may release “poison” when it stings, but the poison is not harmful to humans, only other very small animals.

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Poisonous Worms

Bristle worms can be found in other parts of the world as well. Some are errant, meaning, they move along the shoreline and shallow water, while others are tube-binding which means they build a permanent tube or home along the shoreline flats.

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Bristle Worm

Large bristle worms are usually gray or brownish in color. Some are also salmon pink with white setae around the body. Like most worms, bristle worms are nocturnal, so they are not usually around during the day.

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Bristle Worms

There are nearly 10,000 species of bristle worm. Bristle worms can be tiny or large. Bristle worms can be benign or predatory. In fact, the bristle worm family is as diverse a worm family as one could hope to find.