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Reddish Brown Worm May be a Bloodworm but Man Worries About Parasites

“Can you help me ID this worm?” asks this reader in his submission concerning the reddish brown creature pictured below. “I found it in the morning in my toilet before anyone had gone to the toilet.”

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Long Red Worm Found at Bottom of Toilet is a Bloodworm

“What kind of worm is this?” asks this reader in the submission she sent us. “I went to the bathroom and went to flush and saw it at the bottom,” she continues, referring to the long, red worm pictured below.

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Short, Brown Worm Found in Shower May be a Bloodworm

“I live in Austin Texas and found this worm in my shower. It was about 2 inches long”, states this reader with regard to the long, pink-brown worm-like creature photographed below. “Do you know what kind of worm this is?”

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Reddish-Brown Worm in Woman’s Toilet is Likely an Earthworm or Bloodworm

A red/brown worm was spotted in this woman’s toilet after her cousin used the bathroom. She states that she has never experienced any worms in her bathroom before, and asks if she should be worried.