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Black Worm on Ceiling Could be Millipede

“I found these on the ceiling of my staircase and wanted to know what this is”, is all Niko writes in his submission regarding the black, worm-like creature pictured below. Now, sometimes we do not need a lot of context if the photo provided is good enough. Unfortunately, the photo Niko sent in is quite blurry, and the photo only gets blurrier the more you zoom in. For that reason, we can’t make out any identifying information about the worm other than its color and general shape, and so we will not be able to provide an identification that is certain or accurate. All we can do is provide some educated guesses.

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Green Dock Beetle Larvae Crawl Up the Walls of this Man’s Home

Multiple black worms were found crawling up the walls in the home of this concerned man. The worms appear to have segmented bodies, with six legs near their bulbous heads.