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Brown Worm-like Creatures in Toilet are Black Soldier Fly Larvae

“What are these brown worm-like bugs in my toilet?” asks AnnaMarie in her submission regarding the two, segmented creatures pictured below. She offers no further context, and, unfortunately, the lighting is not the best, and it is hard to make out the organisms’ finer characteristics. That said, based on their shape – particularly the little tapered tip at one end of its body – we think that these might be black soldier fly larvae. How these two critters would have come to show up in AnnaMarie’s toilet is a mystery to us, as black soldier fly larvae are not typically found in this spot.

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Dark Brown Worm Found in Toilet May Be a Drain Fly Larva, Though Concerns About Parasites are Raised

“What are these worms and should we be worried?” asks this reader, who is worried that the worms are inside her and the people who have used the toilet. The creature, who was found “swimming in [her] toilet”, seems to be a dark-brown color, with a brighter, yellowish tail/head (though it is difficult to tell).

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Black Worms in the Toilet

A reader has been finding black worms in his toilet over the last couple of months. The worms in the toilet (we should actually say worm in the toilet, as only one is ever found at a time) appear seemingly out of nowhere, and they do not appear to be linked to anybody using the toilet. (In other words, the worms aren’t coming from somebody, which is good.) What are these black worms in the toilet? Is our reader finding a type of worm at all, or might he be finding some kind of larva (or larvae, since he’s found five)?