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Small Black Organisms Nest in the Skin of a Man Seeking Help

“I picked what seems to be some type of small black worm and maybe a mite”, writes this reader in his submission regarding the minuscule organism pictured below. “Their bite can be painful and they are penetrating and seem to be nesting in my skin. I cannot find what they are and I have tried everything. I have tea about biting bugs to get rid of them. 200 degrees heating of my semi, 140 degree heating of my clothes: they live through the wash. Please help me as I am infested.” First things first, we need to make clear that we will unfortunately not be able to identify these creatures. This is because our reader has made it very clear that they are infesting his body and causing health problems for him. As such, we can only assume the situation is medical in nature. Since we are not medical professionals, we are neither qualified nor legally able to identify organisms that cause such issues, because doing so would be tantamount to providing a diagnosis, and taking a non-medical professional’s medical advice can do more harm than good.