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Pink Caterpillar in Missouri Woodlands is a White-blotched Heterocampa Caterpillar

“What kind of caterpillar is this?” asks Heather about the pink caterpillar-like creature pictured below. “When I saw it I Googled ‘Is there such a thing as a pink caterpillar?’ and your website came up with the article about the lady in Arizona. After reading that article I don’t think my pink caterpillar is the same kind as hers, as I live in Missouri and this one was found in a wooded area. So, can you tell me what kind it is? I thought my son was kidding when he told me to come look at a pink caterpillar. Please identify it for me? Thank you!” To begin with, we want to commend Heather’s son for his discovery and his curiosity – you don’t see a pink caterpillar every day. We also want to thank Heather for the fantastic photos and videos she sent in, two of which we included here.