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Six-legged Bugs Crawling From Behind Furniture are Beetles

“What kind of insect is this and how do I get rid of this?” asks Prashant in his submission regarding the array of bugs and worm-like creatures pictured below. “It’s coming out from a corner of furniture which is fixed (attached) to the wall and has a very small gap between the wall and furniture. This wall is near the bathroom and exposed to sun and rain. We stay on the seventh floor of the apartment building. These are very tiny crawling insects, around 2-3mm in length, with very delicate bodies. Color is mostly pale yellow to brown and the body has stripes. They are coming out at a frequency of 10-15 per hour. It’s been a week since I observed them. Earlier there used to be more quantities of larva-like insects but now it’s mixed with some other insects: black brown insects. The larvae also have a couple of legs (or may be antennae) and crawl at a speed of 1 meter in 5 mins. Sometimes I have observed black, smooth, powder-like substances falling from the wall-side of the furniture, near the same area. I have made sure that there is no food left anywhere near the area. An identification of the insect and a solution is highly appreciated.”

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Black, Hairlike Organisms Cause Welts on Woman’s Skin; What Resources She Can Use to Find Help

A woman in Sydney, Australia recently moved house and has been finding all sorts of bugs and creatures in her home, including the organism pictured below. She describes it as a “little, black hairlike thing” and she has found it all over her house; she wonders what it might be and seeks our answers.

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Black Blister Beetle Found Stuck on Tape

“I found this bug that apparently got stuck on the tape and died as it is not moving,” says this reader in Buffalo, New York. “I think it might be a […] black blister beetle but I’m not certain so I was hoping that you could help.”