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Green Worm with Antennae and Six Legs is a Beetle Larva

“What kind of worm is this, and how do I prevent another one in my home?” asks this reader in her submission about the greenish worm pictured below. “I awoke to a bite or sting from this fellow on my back shoulder. We are in North Florida, 6/25/22. I felt it crawling on my arm, knocked it off, went back to sleep to awake to a burning feeling on my back. Do you know what it is?” Based on the creature’s possession of six legs and its antennae, we are inclined to identify this as a beetle larva of some kind, though we do not know exactly what species it belongs to.

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Worm on Bed a Carpet Beetle Larva or Maggot?

A reader sent in this image of a creature on her bed, asking us if it was either a carpet beetle larva or a maggot. The image displays a ovate creature with bristles around its body. One half of this critter’s back is striped brown and beige, and the other is a solid brown.