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Interesting Facts About Wax Worms

Wax worms look like dull white caterpillars. They have thick bodies and a dark head. After mating, the female wax worm will lays her eggs and the cycle will begin again. Continue reading [...]

What Do Mealworms Eat?

Mealworms are packed with protein and they are considered low fat. Surprisingly, mealworms are consumed by humans in some parts of the world. Continue reading [...]

K&E Plastic Worms

K&E plastic worms are mostly 5 ½ inches long and they come in all colors such as black, black and white striped, black and red, black and yellow, natural, pink, orange/yellow/natural, chartreuse, grape (purple), brown, wine, and pumpkinseed Continue reading [...]

Creme Plastic Worms

Today, Crème Lure Company still manufactures its original Crème Plastic Worm lineup as well as newer products such as Lit'l Fishie, Mad Dad, Shrimp Tease, and Devil's Tongue. Continue reading [...]

Mealy Worms

The mealy worm is the larva of the mealworm beetle, which is a species of the darkling beetle. Because of their high protein content, mealy worms are mostly used as a food source, but they can also be used for composting. Continue reading [...]

Bait Worms

Believe it or not, the market for bait worms is huge in the U.S. and in most other parts of the world. It is estimated that in the state of Maine alone, more than 200 tons of bait worms are produced each year and in the UK, more than 700 tons are produced each year for both commercial and personal use. Continue reading [...]
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