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Earthworms Emerge Through Concrete Patio: How to Control Their Populations

"Earthworms keep pushing the grout up, breaking the seal" says this reader about the creatures who have been emerging from "between the slabs" of his concrete patio in his backyard. Our reader asks us if we know how he can get the worms to "get out from under the slabs." Continue reading [...]

Dead Earthworms in a Compost Pile: Is It Useful and What Does it Mean?

"Is there any use for dead earthworms? Can they be used in a compost pile?" asks this man in his submission to us. No further context is given, and no pictures are attached, but we will do our best to unpack and answer this question. Continue reading [...]

Pink Worm in Toilet is an Earthworm

"I have seen the worm in the picture in our toilet bowl on two separate occasions," states this reader about the pink worm we can see in the picture our reader is referring to. At first, our reader attributed the discovery of the worm to flushing his cat's excrement down the toilet, but now only he has been using the toilet, and he is curious as to where it might be coming from. Continue reading [...]

See-through Worm with Long Appendages in Toilet is a Bristle Worm

"We found this clinging to the toilet bowl" begins this reader in his query about the "clear and jellylike" worm he discovered. According to our reader, this alien creature is approximately 1/2-inches long and is "almost completely clear". Continue reading [...]

Dead, Pink-Brown Worms by Kitchen Sink are Tubifex Worms

"What on Earth are these worms?" asks this reader, who found a batch of pinkish, dead worm-like creatures beside her kitchen sink. She has since cleaned the worms up and bleached her entire counter and sink. Continue reading [...]
Huge African Earthworm

Segmented Worms, of the Annelid Phylum

The annelids are a large phylum of segmented worms; consequently, annelids are commonly called simply "segmented worms." (They are also, by the way, called "ringed worms," as the worms' segmented bodies often make them look like they are wrapped in small rings.) There are over 17,000 species in the annelid phylum, according to recent research, and while this is far less diverse than the phylum Nematoda, which is estimated to have approximately 1,000,000 species, the annelids are still extremely diverse relative to other species of animals. Continue reading [...]
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