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  1. Man or man…. Have I got a story for all of you!!! Just to let you know a little about myself I am a Florida gal turning pal!!!! And if that anit depressing I don’t know what is,,, I’ve been getting Sick and (I mean hospital bound) for weeks at a time for dam near 2yrs now thinking that if I moved out of the place I absolutely loved at one point in my life clear an hour away just to have the same dam illness is just crazy and the whole time I was in the hospital I kept insinuating that I had some kind of PARISITES(from some kind of stupid “WORM”!!! But no what kind of drugs was I on was their only concern which made my blood boil over to no return.. first it was kidney stone/then a really bad infection in the blood ? which by the way I did have both but when they stuck a tube out of the side of my kidneys in order to drain what wouldn’t come out by itself… yep worms from a parasitic infection caused by fleas!!!

  2. I have been very concerned about 9lbugs around our house. I had been worried for some time when I went to my family physician! I had seen her several times before and she never mentioned anything until that day. She left the room and came back and told me I had scabies? No tests were run. Given meds and cream to eliminate whatever it is. Did not work! Tried to make appointment with infectious disease doctor but he wanted a telephone visit first. We talked a while and trying to be friendly I asked were he was from and when he said Venezuela I asked if his family was still there because I was sincerely concerned about what 99was happening there. He answered, Yes, but then he became very indignant and stated ‘I can’t help you’! Wow! Shocked and already desperate for help I fell deeper into depression. Not only that my friends and family didn’t understand! They thought I had become obsessed with this parasite and bug problem. I went to physician’s assistant in the small town where I live. They gave me ivermectin and permethrin cream. It worked for a few weeks and then parasites came back. I did this twice, same results! So now all over my skin it hurts and I can feel something biting me? I have tiny varicose veins all over my skin? Please help! Any information or guidelines would be so appreciated.
    Thank you,
    N. Kylene Dowdy

  3. How can there be so many people with this but no doctors will help!

    *For years I have thought I had “bugs coming out of wounds”.
    *My immune system is low (white blood cell count even shows low)
    *I am a landscaper
    *I have chickens
    *I have 2 dogs and a cat.
    *Last two months we all started itching.
    *My scalp and ears
    Tons of allergy symptoms.
    *My bedroom (where we all sleep) is where I felt the worst.
    *Cleaned every speck of dust and the next day I felt 90% better.
    *Did a 17 day parasite cleanse called ‘Scram!’ – mentally I feel like I came back to life- until a week after, now feeling shitty again.
    * Got a call and I can get into dermatologist tomorrow, (need to bring in samples!)
    * I SWEAR tiny flys come out of me when I’m ‘picking’ as everyone calls it.
    * I feel like the cleanse made them start coming out of my skin more and I have spread them to family now. There is a 2 to 6 week incubation period maybe? And then people get sick and it is all the symptoms of cold/flu…I have watched the people around me (like my ex and his parents) get sick right on schedule from when they came in contact…but they don’t believe me that it very likely could be a parasite, not a cold.

    I love that ALL ABOUT WORMS has allowed us to all speak, but we need a group so we can talk easier to each other!
    Laurel ,Tigard Oregon

  4. I’m sorry you guys are struggling the same as I am, but it gives me comfort in knowing that I’m not the only one, and especially not crazy! I truly believe my infections are coming from our rental. We’ve done nothing but fight some kind of bug or mold the 2 years we’ve lived here. My local phyisian has sent me to the Dermatologist & Infectious Disease specialist at Duke- but not the first one has done a skin scraping or anything. The Duke Specialist actually diagnosed me with “Delusional Parasitosis!” I guess everyone else has it too…I still have no idea what has invaded my body. I have a severely weakened immune system, in combination with MRSA in my bloodstream and Open sores from Psoriatic Arthritis flares. So I’m guessing that’s how I became infected. I just wish I knew exactly WHAT was invading my body! I know there’s multiple “things”, but I think my main issue is Carpet Beetles- even though they’re not supposed to be a parasite that lives within your body. It’s beyond frustrating. It’s excruciatingly painful and humiliating. Especially when I try to explain how my hair moves by itself! Not to mention the horrific “things” I’ve seen come out of my various sores during a shower! It’s just too much.

  5. Hi, I’m the person white the white worms coming out of my skin I would love to have every bit of info I can, I live in a rural area I’m not sure what it is if that has anything to do with it or not.

  6. I have the same thing amongst other things if I put salt in bath water they start coming out what to do

  7. Do u know what the name of the cleanse is i bought one at Wal-Mart arms have taken Tyne butane 4 7 days i had them once before i also live In La these worms seem different these are on my scalp and eyes and face.

  8. BEVERLY GILLEY…So glad to see your suggestion!! I think…no I know I’ve some kind of worm (large) under my scalp & losing my mind!! I’ll call my health store..May God bless you!

  9. Hello, woke up yesterday with numerous wormies on my floor. they were long and girthy! what kind of worm is this and how do i remove it??

  10. The tiny worms I found are 1/4 inch long, reddish orange, no division or legs on body.
    I found them upstairs in my bathroom next to steam heat vent on floor. This bath has no window so I run exhaust fan with baths and a secondary fan aimed at bath/shower to dry it out after bathing. I haven’t noticed them anywhere else but am checking now.
    I did not see any ring around neck areas.
    I picked them up with tissue and placed them in white basin to get a good look at them under light. Not sure what to do, I sprayed down vent with insect spray…a generalized type. Do you recognize? What can I do? I am spooked, not liking crawlies in my house.

  11. Would the lady with the white worms coming out of her skin please contact me. I know a lady in Los Angeles that this same thing happened to. Go to your health food store and get a parasite cleanse first thing. I look forward to hearing from you.

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