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  1. Robin callahan

    Hi, I’m the person white the white worms coming out of my skin I would love to have every bit of info I can, I live in a rural area I’m not sure what it is if that has anything to do with it or not.

  2. Robin callahan

    I have the same thing amongst other things if I put salt in bath water they start coming out what to do

  3. Kristi campbell

    Do u know what the name of the cleanse is i bought one at Wal-Mart arms have taken Tyne butane 4 7 days i had them once before i also live In La these worms seem different these are on my scalp and eyes and face.

  4. BEVERLY GILLEY…So glad to see your suggestion!! I think…no I know I’ve some kind of worm (large) under my scalp & losing my mind!! I’ll call my health store..May God bless you!

  5. aoife puri

    Hello, woke up yesterday with numerous wormies on my floor. they were long and girthy! what kind of worm is this and how do i remove it??

  6. The tiny worms I found are 1/4 inch long, reddish orange, no division or legs on body.
    I found them upstairs in my bathroom next to steam heat vent on floor. This bath has no window so I run exhaust fan with baths and a secondary fan aimed at bath/shower to dry it out after bathing. I haven’t noticed them anywhere else but am checking now.
    I did not see any ring around neck areas.
    I picked them up with tissue and placed them in white basin to get a good look at them under light. Not sure what to do, I sprayed down vent with insect spray…a generalized type. Do you recognize? What can I do? I am spooked, not liking crawlies in my house.

  7. Anna Lee Coffmon

    Please send all information about horse hair worm.

  8. Anna Lee Coffmon

    Can I review the article on do a fly carry horse hair worm.And is the fly a parasite.

  9. Would the lady with the white worms coming out of her skin please contact me. I know a lady in Los Angeles that this same thing happened to. Go to your health food store and get a parasite cleanse first thing. I look forward to hearing from you.

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