Striped Worm Discovered in Tub

One of our readers found an interesting worm in her bathtub after taking a shower:unnamed-3

She first thought it might have come from her, but she got tested for parasites and found this wasn’t the case. She has a cat and a dog, so she suspects it might have come from one of her pets. She hopes we can advise her on how to prevent these worms from showing up her in bathroom in the future.

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This is a very interesting looking creature, and it does slightly resemble a rope worm, which is a parasitic creature. However, since our reader already saw a doctor, we know she is healthy. It is possible that it came from her dog or cat. We aren’t veterinary specialists, and so we can’t determine if this might have come from her pets or not. If she is concerned about the health of her animals, we recommend she take them to the vet immediately.

We don’t recognize this specimen, but it is┬ápossible that it came from the drain of her bathtub. If this is the case, the best way to ensure she doesn’t find this creature again is to clean. She should clean her tub and the drain with products that are designed to get rid of organic matter. This will eliminate the food source for this creature if it eats organic matter (which is likely does).

If our reader only found one of these creatures on one occasion, and she saw a doctor and she isn’t worried about her pets, then she shouldn’t let it bother her too much. Worms often show up randomly in people’s homes and cause no harm! She should remove the worm from her home and carry on with her life, after cleaning the bathroom that is!

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Article Name
Striped Worm Discovered in Tub
One of our readers found an interesting worm in her bathtub after taking a shower, and at first thought it might be a parasite.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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