Small White Worms in or Under Clothes

One of our readers emailed us about finding little white worms under her clean clothing. She said that they did not shed any skin and she had not noticed if they had eaten any of the clothing yet. She did not include a picture so it is difficult for us to make a conclusive identification of these worms, however there is a possibility that these are tiny moth larvae or clothes moths.


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The clothes moths are in the Tinea pellionela family. They are white in color and reach up to about 10mm in length. They feed on plants and other organic matter, but when they do find their way inside, they begin to feed on clothing and carpet. They love to eat wool and cotton, but are not fans of synthetic fabrics.

The cloth moth larvae can become terrible pests if they are found in your home. If you have noticed these worms on your clothing, it is very important to check your cabinets, dressers, and other storage areas. They can also be found under your furniture or in the linen closets in your home.

If our reader is trying to get rid of these larvae, it is very important that they make sure that all of their clothing is hung up as soon as it is clean. It helps to hang clothing in plastic bags because the larvae cannot get through the plastic and they will look for something else to feed on. It helps to have wools dry cleaned because that will kill any of the eggs that happen to be on the clothing. Vacuuming can help to get rid of the eggs and larvae that are in the carpet. Keeping the house nice and clean is a great way to get rid of most pests.

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In summary, our reader has started to find white worms in her clothing. We do not have a picture of these worms, but it is very possible that she has found cloth moths in her laundry.

Small White Worms in or Under Clothes
Article Name
Small White Worms in or Under Clothes
One of our readers emailed us about finding little white worms under her clean clothing.

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  1. monique

    Do they make a clicking sound and get really big and slimy. Do they bite?

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