Small Pink Larva

A reader wrote to us about a worm-like creature she discovered on her husband’s chest. After exploring our site, she thought it could be larva. However, it didn’t resemble flea, mosquito, or fruit fly larva. She continued that it was so small and thin that she was surprised she even noticed it. She said it was about 2 mm long, thinner than a grain of rice, might have had a peach/pink tint, and moved similarly to an inchworm. Our reader finished by informing us that she lives in the New England area. Her main concern is if she should be worried about this little pest in her home and on her family members.

Unfortunately, without a picture of more to go on, we are unable to determine definitively what our reader found on her husband, although with what information our reader gave us, we’re reasonably certain that it was a larva, not a worm.

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Based off the description, we first thought it might be house fly larva. However, house fly larvae are not usually described as pink/peach. Larvae are often white or cream colored, but might appear pink or red depending on what they have been feeding on. However, they are usually found on dead or rotting animal tissue, not live humans. Since the reader said the pest she saw didn’t appear to be flea, mosquito or fruit fly larva we ruled those out as well. Without a photo or more information, there is no way to be sure what type of creature this is. We don’t think the small larva is something to be concerned about.

Although if our reader is concerned about her or her husband’s health because of this pest she should not hesitate to seek medical advice from a professional. Also, if she comes into contact with this larva again, she should search for a source, or try to capture a picture. We also suggest deep cleaning her home and furniture if it would give her peace of mind.

In conclusion, a reader saw a small larva on her husband’s skin, but was unable to take a photo of it. Without more information, we weren’t able to determine what type of larva it was, but we don’t think it is something to worry about.

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Small Pink Larva
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Small Pink Larva
A reader found a worm-like creature on her husband. It didn’t resemble flea, mosquito, or fruit fly larva. Her main concern is if this pest might cause harm.

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