Small Larvae on Wall

We heard from a reader in Mexico City. She explained that she found some small critters on a wall near a window in her apartment. She said that there are a lot of trees in the neighborhood she lives in, but she lives on the 8th floor of a 10 floor building. According to our reader, these creatures walk like inchworms. She doesn’t understand how so many could have ended up on her wall, and she wants to know if these organisms are harmful. Here is the photo she sent us:

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Since these worm-like organisms are so tiny, we can’t determine very much detail about how they look. We know they have black or dark colored bodies. We estimate that there are ay least 150-300 of them gathered together in this photo. Based on all of this, we are confident that these organisms are larvae. To be specific, we believe they are moth fly larvae.

Moth fly larvae are discovered by readers relatively often. These tiny larvae feed on decaying matter, and sometimes pop up in large groups where other bugs have been killed. Perhaps our reader swatted a fly or moth on the wall right where these larvae are now congregating. Her best bet is to thoroughly clean the walls and other surfaces of her apartment to eliminate potential food sources for these larvae. We can’t say exactly how the moth fly larvae got in, but it is possible they entered from the window she mentioned. She should make sure the window is properly sealed and screened to keep out unwanted larvae, bugs, and worms.

To conclude, a reader sent us a photo of a ton of tiny worm-like organisms on her wall in her apartment. We believe the organisms are moth fly larvae. She should clean her apartment to get rid of their food source.

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Small Larvae on Wall
Article Name
Small Larvae on Wall
A reader sent us a photo of a ton of tiny worm-like organisms on her wall in her apartment. We believe the organisms are moth fly larvae.

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