Small Black and White Worm


Our reader didn’t include a picture of the bug in question. She also didn’t give any clue as to what “small” might mean. To some small might mean smaller than a fingernail, for others it might mean smaller than the palm of your hand. Finally, we don’t know how the black and white coloring appeared on this “worm”. Was it striped? Did it have a black body and white head? We just don’t know.

Without these crucial details, it will be impossible to say for sure what type of worm this is, and any guess we take is quite far fetched.

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There is a certain caterpillar that it could have been. These are called “Yellow-Striped Armyworms” and are known to be abundant in population size through August-November. However, why these would be living in a sandbox isn’t clear. Caterpillars are also sometimes described as slimy, which doesn’t match the reader’s description.

Without a photo or more information, any guess on what kind of creature this is won’t hold much weight. This is quite unfortunate, and we urge our reader to snap a picture the next time they come across this “worm”, or a different creature they are curious about.

In conclusion, a reader asked us about a small black and white worm her son found in the sandbox. Sadly, we were unable to identify this worm.

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(Photo Source: Creative Commons)

Small Black and White Worm
Article Name
Small Black and White Worm
A reader reached out to us to identify a “worm” her son found in the sandbox. The creature was small, black and white, didn’t have legs or hair, and wasn’t slimy. She also mentioned they are from Northeast Ohio.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

1 thought on “Small Black and White Worm

  1. Well, caterpillars come to mind. When I was a kid, I had a sandbox. And I ended up having an infestation of caterpillars in it one year….

    I came in to tell my mom that somebody had given me some goldfish. (I was a rather innocent, and silly child!) “So where are they?” In the sand box! She ran out to find something like 200 caterpillars in the sandbox!

    She had my dad come and clear them out, and I was brought in and given a bath. (My mother was fastidious. I am a pig.) I was very upset at losing my pets. Soon after, I was given a REAL goldfish. I had a number of them. They do not live long, and all had funerals at sea. I was told they then went to the lake, where they were reborn to live again….

    What else DO you tell a 4 year old with a dead goldfish?

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