Skin and Hair Parasites Bother Woman for Three Years; Where She Can Go for Help

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EXCITING UPDATE! We have recently come across a new medical provider who actually believes what is going on, and has said they are happy to work with anybody experiencing these symptoms, including remotely. Please see their information by going to our resource page here and looking for “Lighthouse Complex Care”. We are not affiliated with them, and we do not receive compensation or anything else from them, we just have been impressed with how caring they are.

“I’ve been battling this skin and hair parasite for three years now and no one knows anything,” states this reader in her query to us. “What is it?” she asks, concerning the crusty, dark-red substance on her fingernail below.

To begin with, we must make it clear that we will unfortunately not be able to answer our reader’s question. As she has explicitly stated that she is dealing with parasites, which are a medical issue, we cannot identity such creatures. Doing so would be tantamount to giving a medical diagnosis, and since we are not medical professionals, this is not something we are qualified to do. What we can do is list some resources our reader can consult in order to seek the opinion of a medical professional: they will be far better equipped to diagnose and treat her problem.

Now, while it is generally a good idea to visit one’s GP when one is suffering from a medical condition, when it comes to parasites we tend to instead recommend that our readers seeks out a parasite specialist. This is because GPs (and ER doctors) are generally not educated in parasitology, and are thus not equipped to deal with these type of problems. So, with that in mind, what we can recommend is that our reader do one or more of the following: 1) Search for a medical parasitologist in her area using this directory of medical parasitology consultants: 2) Search for a local parasitologist by doing a Google search for “medical parasitologist (name of the closest big city)” or “tropical medicine specialist (name of the closest big city)”. 3) Get in touch with Dr. Omar Amin at the Parasitology Center at

It should be noted that the two physicians mentioned specifically are able to consult patients online, so our reader needs not visit their offices in person. Either way, whichever option our reader decides to go for, we advise that she shows these same photos to her physician, as well as any other photos she may have in her possession. Likewise, if she ends up having an in-person consultation, we also recommend that she brings samples of the organisms, as well as samples of the hair we see in the photo below, so that the physician can get as much material as possible to analyse.

To conclude, we are not qualified to identify the organisms that have been plaguing our reader for three years. Nonetheless, we hope that the information we did provide in this article comes to use, and that our reader gets the help she needs as soon as possible. We wish her the best of luck and welcome any and all updates she can provide along her journey to a healthy self!


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Skin and Hair Parasites Bother Woman for Three Years; Where She Can Go for Help
Article Name
Skin and Hair Parasites Bother Woman for Three Years; Where She Can Go for Help
"I've been battling this skin and hair parasite for three years now and no one knows anything," states this reader in her query to us. "What is it?" she asks, concerning the crusty, dark-red substance on her fingernail below.

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

28 thoughts on “Skin and Hair Parasites Bother Woman for Three Years; Where She Can Go for Help

  1. I am so glad I found this post. I m sick and tired of these parasites I have tiny brown worms in ears small white worms that look like hair and they move side to side. Scale itching body itching ears itching. I feel like they are just living on me driving me crazy. I see them. They Po when I squeeze them. If I put tissue in my ear I can hear theym moving. If put a lighter on my scalp I hear them pop. I scraped my hair and tiny white and gray fuzz filed a cup. They fall in my eyes. I am blind in my right eye and they make it so sensitive to light.
    I have been to doctors emergency room and dermatologist I have been treated for scabies,lice dermatitis you name it. I even scrubbed with bleach. I have sprayed myself with Lysol. I shaved my head
    I was staying with a friend of mine and I bought a used car then this started happening. A year later I was on a breathing machine with severe asthma which I never had. Oxygen levels dropping. Frequent hospital Tris and stays and mobile medic Rides. I couldn’t walk over 5 feet I needed oxygen
    I got rid of the car breathing ha improved and itching is more on my head and ears now. Instead of my whole body . I’ve been by my friends house scratching ND picking them off me now he is itching. I believe the car was infested I would see white fuzz lint and dust constantly. I have never seen a car so dusty. You could look in the window and see dust flying. I did see black mold in the car and the seats kept getting back.
    I have done every street drug there is and never had an issue with delusions or bugs. I believe the drugs have parasites. When I purchase drugs I see the white hairs in them and the drugs lose their potency or crumble up after contact with my skin which. wads me to believe it is. Fungus or mildew on our skin.i have set drugs on the table and watch it get smaller with no one touching it. I believe what ever is on my skin eats th drugs. They itching and crawling intensifies when you are high or in the rain.i believe the drugs irritate them or makes them c
    ome out of your skin.

  2. Guys, my partner and I know and understand exactly what you are talking about since we have been experiencing the same symptoms you guys have been describing. I think we need to group up and find help jointly!

  3. I fought these parasites for years on my own. All my friends and dr thought I was on drugs or losing my mind. My crotch was full of sand like stuff every morning. They bite. HARD ! Stings. They are like black tiny worms. But change up. Like c he ange shapes. They sometimes come out as black sharp thin wedges. You can do nothing an all a sudden you have black wedges on your forehead. Coconut oil and oregano oil pulls them out. I believe they are from bad water as well. When the rain is coming you can literally feel them swarming. But I guess since we’re all feeling the same things that were all delusional and on drugs. Well that’s how the doctors play it. It is now coming out as a medical issue. A doctor must’ve contracted it some how. But I believe help is finally coming soon. Remember oregano and coconut oil with peppermint or eucalyptus or both. Will help dealing with them. I know your pains with this. It’s an epidemic everywhere. When some one says it all in my head I want to beat the shit out of the right then and there. Then tell them. Oh was that a dillusion or did you just get beat down. . so tired of being called a druggy or paranoid. Our society sucks when they don’t understand something.

    1. Is that fresh oregano or dried oregano or does it matter? Our nephew has been dealing with the same things and we took videos and pictures and he is NOT CRAZY we are his 2 aunt’s and we’ve seen them. Dr.s have told him that it’s his imagination, some just glance and do nothing for him. We are sister’s and Thank God he has us, we’ve known him his whole life and he’s never complained of anything until the last 2 years he was giving up when we asked him to come over and visit than we took and kept him so we could take care of him, I don’t care how educated doctors are but they need to see and listen without seeing $ signs! His concerned aunt’s Lisa and Carol who love him very much this is name and email

      1. Not sure how old nephew is… so it may or may not help nephew – but yes, Chuck is right. Oregano is good. You can buy it in pill form, or possibly diffuse or add to cleaning regimen.

        If you are looking to use internally or topically and arent familiar, you always want to use a pre-diluted oregano oil that is mixed 1:3 with olive oil and labeled safe for ingestion. And try it for yourself before you dose anyone else. That said, I can take it sublingually, but I’d never put it in my kids mouth. It’s very very disturbing to the senses – no matter how effective – as it’s still a very hot oil even at the safe ingestible dilutions.

        I do safely and mindfully use topically on my daughter’s feet when shes sleeping, and immediately put socks on. Not a good idea to use in excess or have anywhere near the hands of awake or young children. You really don’t want a kid scratching and rubbing even a properly diluted hot oil into their eyes or nose. It’ll burn. Bottom of the feet application followed by putting socks on is tolerable and helpful for my kid.

  4. I have been going through the same for about 4 years I believe they are a water parasite and that they are highly contagious. I to was an addict and because of it can’t get any help. My mother has lost sudden use of hers arms and legs I think I have it to her and now she lives in a home because I can’t afford help besides myself and her insurance sucks then my anxiety goes through the roof please some doctor somewhere help is I can’t and won’t live another year like this and dog oh my poor dog i feel so sorry for
    [email protected]

  5. Sorry, but we got diagnosed with Linguatula Serrata.

    Tongue worm, caught from dogs.

    Sneezing, itchy nose, little black worms in sinuses is just yhe beginning. They get in your lungs and into the intestines.
    A long infection causes them to be able to infest the skin and hair. The adults are a clear-white colour, the juveniles are black.

    An early find, antibiotics may help, but surgery is the only cure.

    Totally gutted, they say it is rare, it isn’t, it just goes undiagnosed. They didn’t even test for it and told me we were nuts, now they don’t wanna know me.

    1. Tammy that’s when mine started! August of 2021 one week after getting the covid vaccine first shot. Also got tinnitus in my ear so never got second shot. Within days my scalp tingled then full blown itching and now these things! It’s been 18 months now and two hospitals, two doctors and a dermatologist visit for nothing, to be told I was imagining the scabs and intense itching to the point I shave my head too!!
      I have no idea what to think anymore. I’ve thought everything and just don’t know anymore.

  6. I have the same thing i am prity shure it is o.lupi a companion animal zoonic parisite simalar to o.volvules (river blindness) , it is endimic to the us , both cats and dogs get it and can pass it to humans threw the bite of a vector (fly, masqido,flee, tick ,and probly any other insect ) im not absolutly sure i have thought i figured it out a few other times without success, but i have started the 6 weeks of doxycycline and i had already been takeing ivermictin any of you can feel free to e mail me im jake givans from valley village [email protected]
    And if any of you figure it out for sure please e mail me and let me know

  7. I have the same thing. It’s been three years now. It’s literally everywhere now. From my scalp to my feet, teeth, face… all of it. It’s in my nose. I have tried everything!!! I don’t know what to do. I’ve seen so many doctors. I’ve been to the ER with incredible horrible pain half a dozen times. I was pregnant and there’s was gallbladder blockage. I literally threw up hundreds of gall bladder stones. My gi specialist told me it wasn’t possible. But I showed him the picture. They removed my gallbladder and the pain is manageable but it’s still there. I can’t hold going to the bathroom either. I’m 31!! I can’t go to work. I’ve seen the rubbery black thing ( looked like a worm) triangle come off in the shower. I was scared and left it there. And the best working it was dried up and as thin as paper. I think it’s a water parasite too because it gets so much worse when I take a shower. I avoid the sink and the bathroom because that’s where it feels the worst! I have seen it all. Everything you guys describe!!! And my family always has a logical explanation! I am a recovering addict so they have all accused me of being on drugs. I’m scared I’ve given it to my one and 2 year olds. I feel the crawling every single day. It stings it hurts it burns. They’re falling from my hair. I’ve been to get check out for lice. Treated for scabies, MRSA, with doxycycline, everything!! I had almost given up hope. I told my bf I was done, I wanted to literally kill myself. But he insisted I go to the doctor again. I went abs the doctor called the Crisis team because they thought I was going to kill myself a lot hurt someone else. They thought I might be crazy. This is effecting my entire body! Idk what to do. And I seriously thought that maybe they were right, maybe I am crazy too because I was seeing these things move like lightning speed! I see them everywhere but it’s the same thing. I see people looking at me crazy or confused but no one says anything! I’ve cleared a busy Walmart line before. I’ve seen people look at me from behind an aisle abs when I looked they literally hid. Wtf??!!! I wish someone would just help me. I’m really just ready to give up. I can’t live like this.

    1. Hi Diane your not on your own im the same i have suffered withe same as you for over 4 years or more no o e believe me docters yes they think we are going mad but i no its true what i see and feel every day of my life dont give in help your self like i do try every think you can to help you cope with this ive have but still not found any think hat will help me please get back to me if you do find some think as i will you bless you good luck and i pray you find some kind of help bless you i feel for you as i no its it true

    2. I have been going through this same hell for a long time now. I used to use drugs, got sober, then all this skin stuff started and now I can’t work. I feel it everywhere and it’s affecting my joints now making it hard to walk and balance. I somehow stumbled upon a documentary about Morgellons disease and I’m sure that is what this is. There is a site called Stuff That Works and you can discuss these symptoms with others experiencing the same things. The support has been a lifesaver for me! I hope this helps somehow, good luck and don’t give up!

  8. Also, does it irk anyone else when the doctor says, “not in the us”? Pretty sure when we had that sand storm, it was the equivalent of mother nature shaking earth like a snow globe. They dont like for you to point that out btw.

  9. Possibility of it being the red rim melania snail.. or a parasite from the snail.. and I think it is water parasite as well.. iam so happy to have found this article and all of your comments today. I’m not happy that y’all are going through the same thing as myself though. No one believes me!! I have been yelled at, taunted and accused of being on Drugs because of this. Losing my hair. Doctor gave me some Ivermectin but we will see what happens. I have cavities in two of my teeth and they have destroyed what is left of my teeth. I used to never have bad color on teeth but now I have dark brown stain on teeth. I am not drinking the water in my home until it’s tested.

  10. Oi know what all of you are going through! I’m going through the same thing and it has been 5 long years. Those of us who can travel need to band together and go to the CDC and make them look at us, really see us! Feel free to email me. [email protected].

  11. I believe this is a dead tapeworm, yes you can get them in skin. Ground beef anyone? They are the oldest. There’s also white to cream to brown to these black colored ones. Parasites are SO MUCH more common than the US wants to admit. They zap nutrients which cause disease. So of course they don’t want us taking Ivermectin and other antihelmetics and knowing about this stuff! Who would be left to medicate with their pharmaceuticals? But every time I research any parasite I learn of five more!! AND even the C D C ‘s own websites say almost every single one is COMMON. Crazy thing, a good oil and tobacco mixture will pull these easily from skin. AND do no damage! I got the idea from tobacco pulling toxins from insect bites. Also, I believe I heard a saying long ago,” Just slap some oil & tobacco on it & let’s get on with it!” They are a type of flatworm and they dry up quickly so if you look a little later without the expelled parasite in some moisture it will look ALMOST just like the tobacco. But you feel such relief with them out! But you also need to clean inside/internally! In the old days when people would worm animals & livestock , the people did the same! Once or twice a year. This was @100 yrs ago. Folks quit bc of all the false safety propaganda. And we all know how disease has risen. Hmmm. I just found MANY antiparasitic studies that I need to get more into detail , but that had GREAT results with *Myrrh (oil). Also check out *bile salts & *digestive enzymes for YOUR HEALTH***!!!! [email protected]

  12. I have the exact thing going on my it is making me very sick I have lots of joint pain now everyone around me thinks I’m just crazy but now my daughters hair is falling out and we both are experiencing urinary track issues I have to wear a depend underwear cant make it to bathroom it is awful I cant even get up and down stairs my hip and knees are so painful please help

  13. Has anyone been able to identify what they are dealing with ? Especially the xom who posted the photo . I’ve seen the exact parasite or insect but when I look for anything resembling my pests I cannot come up with a match . It’s even harder because although I’ve seen those I’ve seen very white furry looking type gnats and fuzz that is attached to wall or furniture everywhere and dark orange/red hard pebble tyke things that does tiny whit fit size things if you crush it … some things look like dirt or a string until you zoom in then see what looks like worm or insect …My mirror will get covered with white fuzz in evening sometimes . It’s all to crazy sounding to tell a doctor . I’m not crazy but I’m going to be if I can’t figure this out . My right hand has a lot if sores that look the same . Only right hand , ear , in nose & 1 mark on right ankle . Nothing left which is strange but I am right handed . Good luck to all , share pics & please anyone who has ideas of identification please share that

  14. There has got to be away to kill them. I have very similar experiences as y’all. Every single one of you.I have cats though! So many times I want to give up and then I remember that I am not alone – that whatever research I may do and use myself as my own tester then I figure I may as well die trying. It’s the quality of life that I would love to have back. It’s the living in constant awareness that I am a host for this fungal nematode scourge I don’t want to spread it around that makes me want to stay in bed for days.. and not recognizing myself in the mirror. Today I did see myself and I look wary. The look of someone who is getting ready to give up then I found these recent posts and I’d like to share any knowledge that I’ve been able to gain and use.
    I think simplifying and rotation of Arsenal is important.
    if anything .. I just want to let y’all know I understand how hard it is .
    Please do contact if you’d like
    [email protected]

  15. Me an my girlfriend have exact same thing being described by all of u,been three years
    Dogs have it also can’t find a doctor to help ,an it’s a shame cause u literally feel like ur being eaten alive

  16. Same here they are super fast too I mean lightning fast I have caught them on video and in pics . Catches a glimpse of one and the brown thing on this woman finger is a shape shifting worm they are scary and can cause rashes and live in your drains . I believe it to be a water parasite I’ve seen some kind of transparent thing swim in my sink water and felt cold slithers for 9 months I think it’s morgellons or nematamorpha phylum that live in my Skin but I’m my lymph nodes or endocrine system because they need water . My bed was covered in them and I had hallucinations to boot . Have a video of one coming out of my skin but doctor says it’s a fraction of light lol ! Well light don’t push a bandaid off your skin and this did ! I use oregano oil lavender oil and I eat garlic and oranges lemons limes the acid in them runs these scary as hell worms or organisms away . Vinegar helps too ! Aimee in Ohio feeling so alone ! Ps they don’t know about this because these boogers are very allusive they are masters at camouflage looking like a dirt ball or wad of hairs . I watched a huge ball of hair climb up my boyfriend’s leg and he believes me now !

  17. I have sores from head( scalp) to toe. Have been itching badly for 3 wks now. I can see tiny wht/ylw things crawling in eyelashes, on face, etc. Black ones move under the skin and when apply topical creams or paroxide, they wiggle out. I drop them everywhere, looks like I have constant fuzz and brownish stuff on clothing, bed, black ones are larger and when drop feel like rubber. I was told I had scabies. But my Dr. Thought At first I was on drugs. Of course she did, anyways I showed her pics then she changed her mind. The actual bug/ parasite I showed her that was alive and fell on napkin. She was speachless and had no idea what it was. I had something like this go on 6/7 yrs ago. It has also taken over my hair. My hair feels different, it retracts, and gets very tangled. I have felt horrible for past 3 wks. Headaches, stomach cramps, vision changes( especially in right eye) food don’t taste the same and for a min wasn’t able to eat very much. HELP!! I feel stings, bites. I have washed and cleaned and repeat. I’m Mentally, physically, and emotionally drained. I look horrible.

  18. I’ve been battling a skin issue also for 3 yrs which is affecting my whole body along with my dog who has the same symptoms as me.
    My head is burning with pussy yukky lumps and my skin feels all waxy. I can see yellow/black things in my eye.
    Please any ideas/treatment would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you

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