Shiny Segmented Worm is a Millipede


Our reader has found millipedes. We instantly recognized them by their color, and hard, segmented shell (often appearing lustrous). Millipedes are extremely beneficial to the environment, but they can be a little disconcerting inside a home. However, unless our reader has discovered vast amounts of these creatures, removal shouldn’t be too strenuous. It is as easy as placing the ones he finds outside! To prevent them from returning back, he should get rid of any moisture in his home, since millipedes eat damp materials.

To conclude, one of our readers sent in a photo of a creature he found in his home. We are confident that this creature is a millipede!

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Shiny Segmented Worm is a Millipede
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Shiny Segmented Worm is a Millipede
One of our dedicated reader’s just reached out to us about some creatures he found crawling around his home in Virginia, and hopes we can identify them. Lucky for him, we are quite familiar with these arthropods!

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