Red Worm in Oak Tree


Unfortunately, in order to solve this mystery we need a lot more information about the worm. A picture, or a more descriptive account of its appearance would be the most helpful clue.

While there are several worms that are known to live in oak trees, none of the common ones are bright red in color. Perhaps the worm that landed on our reader’s arm was outside of its normal habitat, which would add difficulty in determining what it might be.

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We hope that another reader might read this and have some further helpful thoughts on the subject.

In conclusion, a small, bright red worm landed on our reader while they were sitting under an oak tree in Texas. We weren’t able to determine which type of worm this is without more information.

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Red Worm in Oak Tree
Article Name
Red Worm in Oak Tree
We recently received the classic question of “what is this worm” from a reader in Denton, Texas. They were sitting under an oak tree when a very tiny, bright red worm fell on them. We are also curious of what this creature could be.

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