Red Worm in Mulch


Based off the photograph, we believe this is a moth pupa. The pupa is the stage after the caterpillar (moth larva) makes a cocoon, but before it becomes a moth. Pupae don’t usually move much, but it is possible that our reader saw a little bit of circular movement at the top.

Pupae are common finds in gardens, and they are not something to worry about in the outdoors. It is impossible to say for sure which type of moth this pupa will develop into, but it looks a lot like sphinx pupa or cutworm pupa, so perhaps it is one of those.

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Our reader should keep an eye on her yard to see what these develop into!

In conclusion, our reader found what we believe to be pupa in her yard. If she keeps an eye on them, they will develop into moths!

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Red Worm in Mulch
Article Name
Red Worm in Mulch
A reader wrote to us about a “worm” she found in the mulch in her yard. She said only the top part of it moved in circles and it looked like it might have a stinger at the top. The accompanying photo shows a dark red creature. The head is divided into 4 segments, and it does look like there might be some sort of stinger on the end.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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