Red Pods in Garden are Moth Pupae

The photo shows her hand holding 3 dark red, segmented pods with a tail at one end, and a pointed end at the other. We are happy to inform our reader that she has discovered moth pupae! The pupae stage is after the moth larvae (also known as a caterpillar) make a cocoon, but before it becomes a moth. Although we are sure these are moth pupae, it is impossible to determine which species of moth these will become.  Pupae are often found in gardens, and they are not something to be concerned about. Moths play major roles in biodiversity and ecosystems, so our reader should be happy to have these in her garden!

In conclusion, our reader found some dark red pods in her garden. We believe these are moth pupae, but we aren’t sure to which species they belong.

Red Pods in Garden are Moth Pupae
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Red Pods in Garden are Moth Pupae
We just heard from a reader who found some interesting items in her garden. She is curious if they are harmful or helpful.

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