Reader with Worms Emerging from Skin Needs Immediate Medical Attention

A reader wrote to us in an understandable frenzy because she has white worms (or worm-like things) coming out of her skin. She included the following picture:

ATTENTION: GET PARASITE HELP NOW! At All About Worms we get a lot of questions about skin parasites, blood parasites, and intestinal parasites in humans. Because we can't diagnose you, we have put together this list of doctors and labs who understand and specialize in dealing with parasites in humans! That resource is HERE

The first piece of advice we’re going to offer is to see a doctor, immediately! Here at All About Worms we have no medical training whatsoever, and do not want to ever be thought to be attempting to diagnose or treat any medical condition.

We’ve done a little research and found 4 conditions that can cause symptoms like those she’s describing. Since we do not have medical training, we’re letting the experts speak to these subjects. They are (in no particular order):

Morgellons disease. The Mayo Clinic describes Morgellons disease as:

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Morgellons disease is an uncommon, unexplained skin disorder characterized by sores, crawling sensations on and under the skin, and fiber-like filaments emerging from the sores. It’s not certain what these strings are. Some say they are wisps of cotton thread, probably coming from clothing or bandages. Others say they result from an infectious process in the skin cells. Further study is needed.

Cutaneous larva migrans (or CLM) is caused by Ancylostoma braziliense (a type of hookworm). This parasitic worm can be contracted by coming into contact with the feces of an infected human or animal. The Center for Disease Control, or CDC, says:

People are infected when animal hookworm larvae penetrate the skin, causing a local reaction that is red and itchy. Raised, red tracks appear in the skin where the larvae have been and these tracks may move in the skin day to day, following the larvae’s movements. The symptoms of itching and pain can last several weeks before the larvae die and the reaction to the larvae resolves. In rare cases, certain types of animal hookworm may infect the intestine and cause abdominal pain, discomfort, and diarrhea.


Skin of a Cutaneous larva migrans patient. Photo by Grook Da Oger (Own work) (CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)



Loa loa infection, which we have written about before, is caused by a parasitic worm taking up residence in a human host. The CDC says:

Loiasis, called African eye worm by most people, is caused by the parasitic worm Loa loa. It is passed on to humans through the repeated bites of deerflies (also known as mango flies or mangrove flies) of the genus Chrysops. The flies that pass on the parasite breed in certain rain forests of West and Central Africa. Infection with the parasite can also cause repeated episodes of itchy swellings of the body known as Calabar swellings. 

Loa loa larva. Photo by Stefan Walkowski (Own work) (CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)


Guinea worms are most common in rural areas where people do not have access to clean drinking water. The CDC states:

People become infected with Guinea worm by drinking water from ponds and other stagnant water containing tiny “water fleas” that carry the Guinea worm larvae… Once drunk, the larvae are released from copepods in the stomach and penetrate the digestive track, passing into the body cavity… When the adult female worm is ready to come out, it creates a blister on the skin anywhere on the body, but usually on the legs and feet. This blister causes a very painful burning feeling and it bursts within 24-72 hours…People do not usually have symptoms until about one year after they become infected. A few days to hours before the worm comes out of the skin, the person may develop a fever, swelling, and pain in the area. More than 90% of the worms come out of the legs and feet, but worms can appear on other body parts too.

Using a matchstick to wind up and remove a guinea worm from the leg of a human. By CDC, via Wikimedia Commons


This list is by no means exhaustive, and there are other conditions that can cause similar symptoms. We recommend that our reader consult her doctor immediately. It may be a good idea to consult a travel doctor, since several conditions that cause these symptoms are most common outside the US. We wish her luck, and would be interested to hear the results.

Reader with Worms Emerging from Skin Needs Immediate Medical Attention
Article Name
Reader with Worms Emerging from Skin Needs Immediate Medical Attention
A reader wrote to us in an understandable frenzy because she has white worms (or worm-like things) coming out of her skin. She included the following picture:

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4 thoughts on “Reader with Worms Emerging from Skin Needs Immediate Medical Attention

  1. Has anyone had any luck with the medical field believing them and working to find out the real source of their torment? How do so many people that have never met have the same delusions?

  2. I have been suffering with similar ailments for about a year now. My skin feels like there’s something crawling on it and my three-year-old experiences the same thing so I know it’s not in the my head he will not wear clothing because he said there is buzzing bugs in them:( I am at a complete loss and don’t know what to do we have both taken numerous stool test for parasites and they have come back negative I have even taken him to an infectious disease specialist where they drew his blood and tested him for toxocara and it was also negative. I break out in lumps under my skin that will not go away until I pop them when I do pop them a thin worm-like creature comes out not moving or anything the only picture I found that matches this was on any margellon’s website:/ another thing I find very odd is my feet get to itching really bad and I rub them with hand sanitizer when I do so little white things pop out of my skin I just keep applying the sanitizeruntil no more comes out and then my foot wont itch anymore. My feet have blisters all over the sides of them and my derm did a biopsy for bacteria or infection, and it came back negative idk what else to do nobody will listen

  3. My daughter has white worms coming from her skin. they cause sores and when scratched the worms come out. They look like tape worms you would find in puppies. She has been to drs and hospitals. they say it is in her head. She can not be around her daughter due to fear of being contagious. If this is anyone out there with any advice please contact me.

  4. My daughter has suffered for about two years she has no insurance and was told at the ER she was not an emergancy. Now i have this nightmare of iching welps sores and little white eggs i think i keep finding all over my house. I truly belive it is from a moth and i’m about to loose my mind. I can’t sleep and can’t eat because i always worry something will get in my food. My daughter has sores all over her body and she will even bathe in BLEACH. i’m so afraid for her and me. I think they fall from the celing or fly i don’t know any more.

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