Reader With Morgellons Disease Seeks Comfort

A reader recently sent us this message, “I’ve been diagnosed with Morgellons and have these worms or parasites that are in my hands, feet and face. I also cough them up 4 to 6 hours of the day. I’ve seen similar creatures from others that post to this site that say they have Lyme disease. I haven’t been tested yet so that’s on the list.  But if anyone recognizes these things I have or knows how to kill them please let me know. I am tortured every minute of every day. They seem to come  out of me nonstop for years now. Please help.” Along with this message, he sent us several photographs. Here is the first one:

ATTENTION: GET PARASITE HELP NOW! At All About Worms we get a lot of questions about skin parasites, blood parasites, and intestinal parasites in humans. Because we can't diagnose you, we have put together this list of doctors and labs who understand and specialize in dealing with parasites in humans! That resource is HERE

The specimen is a tan/yellow color. Since there isn’t anything in the photo to scale the creature against, we don’t know the size of it. Also, our reader didn’t specify if this creature came from his hands, feet, or his face. The next photograph shows a similar looking organism. It almost looks like a piece of dead skin:

Again, we don’t know its exact size, or where on his body this specimen came from. Since we are not medical professionals, we unfortunately aren’t able to offer our reader much help. We aren’t licensed to give medical advice of any kind, but we can share his story and photos in case any other readers are dealing with similar issues and want to connect. Here is the final photo:

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As we stated above, we aren’t licensed medical professionals and therefore can’t administer medical advice or weigh in on medical matters. Since our reader mentioned that he has been diagnosed with Morgellons disease, we assume he has already been in to see a doctor. For anyone who might not be familiar with this disease, Morgellons is a relatively uncommon condition that isn’t fully understood and is a bit controversial, which may be why our reader is skeptical of his diagnosis. According to Mayo Clinic, “people who have Morgellons disease report the following signs and symptoms:

• Skin rashes or sores that can cause intense itching
• Crawling sensations on and under the skin, often compared to insects moving, stinging or biting
• Fibers, threads or black stringy material in and on the skin
• Fatigue
• Difficulty concentrating
• Short-term memory loss
• Depressed mood

The intense itching and open sores associated with Morgellons disease can severely interfere with a person’s quality of life.” The Charles E. Holman Foundation notes that “Morgellons is closely associated with a spirochetal infection with Borrelia”, and that while there is no known universal cure, that “[m]any patients report significant improvement and remissions after receiving appropriate antimicrobial treatment targeted toward Borrelia and other associated pathogens.”

We are truly sorry that we aren’t able to offer more help and comfort for our reader. We hope that he is able to find answers soon, or connect with others who are dealing with similar issues so that he doesn’t feel so isolated. We wish him the best of luck!
Reader With Morgellons Disease Seeks Comfort
Article Name
Reader With Morgellons Disease Seeks Comfort
Today we respond to a reader who has been diagnosed with Morgellons Disease, and has been finding worm-like organisms on his body.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

6 thoughts on “Reader With Morgellons Disease Seeks Comfort

  1. I am going through the same pain as all of you. Please let me know if you have found any answers at beccasanswers2019 at

  2. I am living in so much pain. I am heart transplant recipient with a weakened immune system. I have been to multiple doctors who write me off to the next with no answers. I am desperate for help. I feel as if I am in a loosing battle being eaten alive. Please help.

  3. Michelle, the cream didn’t work the second time is because this stuff is a master adapter, lots of things have worked only once or twice for me, also the man’s comment above is spot on and hard to read because you know that pain he is talking about, physical and emotional… It’s refreshing to see that more and more people are speaking up and are sure enough we can prove the truth Any time… I will fight for the next guy because this is a crime against humanity that needs to be aswered for.

  4. I have these exact pics plus a million others that you can tell plain as day insects manifesting in my body and other things, I hexagon crystals I saved, I could go on forever but it would only make sense to someone that has this, I too am not self diagnosed, my pcp diagnosed me, but That was it, her or any doctor has not given me any help, not is even interested in seeing how easily I can show what’s happen to be the absolute truth, my wife is a nurse too boot, it’s been a rough road for us because none of this is possible with what she knows, but we’re finding a way, the seclusion and loneliness is the hardest things to deal with, don’t get me wrong, seeing bugs from your body will give you sleepless nights, but dealing with this madness And not another soul to lean on will fold us toughest of men, again I’m grateful that my wife and I some how navigate life no matter what it throws at us, sadly for 75% of the people work morgellons aren’t as blessed. My heart goes out to you and if you ever need a ear feel free to get back to me and I’ll give you my number..

    One last thing, negativity and fear is rocket fuel to this shit we’ve been poisoned with, you have to find a way to stay positive and your vibrations high, acceptance was the key for me, don’t get me wrong, I hate living like this, but I have no choice, I have a family, I have to do this… Coming to terms with that saved my life.

    GOD BLESS, Kevin Bosworth

  5. I have been getting worse for 3 years. My heart goes out to others who suffer from this disease. I don’t even want to say what it is because i have sadly been called crazy, delusional, and in need of a shrink by the arrogant and non -compassionate members of a medical community who treats people with this disease like insane leopars. I am educated, have a sound mind and donate time and my money to my local church. I am a leader there and council men to help them become more in tune with their connection to God and their relationship with their wives, and how being a Godly leader in the home can change the family struggle or can lead to healthier marriages and relationships with in the family dynamic. I am a master carpenter, general contractor, the captain of a 50 ft luxury yacht that I own,outright. Ive been a millionaire and enterpenuer multi business owner since i was 17 yrs old. There is nothing wrong with me other than the continual emotional trauma that is brought on by doctors who because they don’t have the answer or are unable to come up with a diagnosis that is recognized by the CDC. I was personally infected while in LA harbor and they were spraying directly over my head with chemtrails as I stood on the back of my boat and watched spiderweb like strands of these fibers fall from the sky and were coming from the chemtrails clouds as 6 unmarked military jets cross hatch patterned the entire LA basin right in front of me. My neighbor got sick around 4 weeks prior, after the last time they sprayed he became sick with in days of that event and came out of his boat screaming at the jets and shaking his fists at the sky littered with these trails and oddly spider web like material that almost floated down covering my newly painted yacht and all over the dock amd surrounding boats in the harbor. This is where i first learned i was just exposed as he told me he got sick within a week of them doing these chem-trails just weeks before. I was sick myself with these same things coming out of me with in a couple days of witnessing this spraying and apparent fall out. I got a double dose of bad luck also developing another unrecognized disease from the CDC called rope worm. Both morgellians and ropeworms began coming out of me like something out of a horror movie. Desperate for help and my health declining i unbelievably was turned away by each doctor who were puzzled, some freaked out and others irratated. The special disease doctor Cohen from the ucla group gave me a diagnosis of delusions of Parasitosis before taking one single skin sample, biopsy, stool sample or doing any blood work or labs. Irritated that i was in his office with samples i brought in for home to show him that came out of me that very day and i told him how painful the lession was that they came out from on the head of my penis and scrotum. He accused me of picking them causing the open sores and asked me if i was into drugs. I was so furious I left there discovering he wrote delusions of Parasitosis and then arrogantly stormed out of his office for confronting him not wanting that to be in my chart or on my medical record. I have not been given decent treatment or had any other doctor take me seriously since. My health has completely deteriorated affecting my entire life and i cannot get help. I lost my wife and other family members as a result of his inaccurate and careless arrogant label which is untrue. Ill try to attach pics of some of the worm like and parasite organisms that have come out of me. These people who suffer from this are people from different walks of life like myself from different areas where they sprayed, over thousands of innocent people who are now rejecting the toxins and living with one of the most horrific conditions a person can stand and the saddest thing is their own family’s and the general public reject them. With no research or diagnosis from the medical feild or doctors throwing out false diagnoses, the victims not only suffer extreme physical pain and horrendous suffering daily, minutely, and at times every second of the day and night with no relief…they are labeled as crazy and imagining things, they are labeled crazy or accused of drug abuse. The worst of all their own family and loved ones with no answers or acknowledgement with any diagnosis the suffers or victims of morgellons are treated horribly and they are sadly not believed. Physically tormented day and night, by real pain as their bodies try to rid the chemical, in my case silicone dioxide they suffer horrible abuse, labeling causing additional damages mentally, and emotionally, they are crucified, labeled and the worst …by even their own loved ones and family are not believed. They (THE CDC) know what this disease is, and was intentionally tested on our US citizens. These people are good people who should be given compensation and be able to hold the ones responsible for this horiffic disease which should be considered a crime against humanity and the doctors who blindly have called these victims crazy or delusional should all be exposed to AND GIVEN INJECTIONS OF THIS SO CALLED DELSUSIONS OF PARASITOSIS or whatever it is the CDC won’t recognize or admit this hanious disease IS that the victims all call morgellons, and so they can finally have some empathy for the lives they once swore to save and research the cure when the oaths were sworn in as failed to do what they promised when they started their practice in medicine. I wouldnt wish a day in this life wishing this disease or condition for anyone to have to go through what these poor people live with and experience everyday.
    Fyi morgellons got its name because of like symptoms described by others on line that give support for the no answers or relief they so desperately seek. The poor victims should all be treated kindly as this disease is real and they are not crazy. Suicide rates for suffers of the condition is high. It wrecks lives and causes some of the most social and physical torment a person could experience as some have said they compare how they are treated like leopards from the disease leprosy. Shunned, ignored, and constantly swept out of doctors offices left empty handed and hopeless with no relief, they are called crazy or delusional and by no one they are believed. Im lucky I was able to find a doctor in orange county named Dr. Karjoo who is also a pathologist and has studied and dedicated his lifes work to helping these victims. He has not cured the disease but made a soap to dissolve the things coming out of me like the worm looking things on this site that people are trying to find out what it is coming from there skin and from this disease. They are not alive and do not infect those around the sufferers like their family or people afraid of getting this disease. When tested Dr. Karjo actually took my skin samples, some looking just like these from a lession on my shoulder that had a dime sized scab or wound where these worms had come out of and had not been able to heal for over 14 weeks. The same size abrasion or scab would have normally healed in under 4 days or less. He sent the samples to an independent lab and tested them himself and i was officially diagnosed by Dr. Karjo, finally as having suffered from silicone dioxide poisening. Silicone dioxide was the number one toxin found through out the lessions he drew samples from and he said from the exposure to the environment i was in when i was exposed to the large amount of toxicity, my body had become illergic to the compound silicone dioxide. My body was caught in between wanting to reject it and hold on to it at the same time. The odd shapes and worm like structure coming from my skin in what looked like a number of different things ranging from worm, to black specs, to fibers, and even a horrible bio film that would secrete from the bottom of my feet was all related to silicone dioxide exposure and what was once thought to be morgellons disease. The reaction at times Dr. Karjo discribed some patients experiences, like myself , he told me…”they have been testing for pain associated with the condition and compare it and describe it like being eaten alive!” I can attest to this phenomenon when i myself had a massive reaction and was the worst pain I’d ever felt with no help or relief. Just Doctors and other health care professionals pointing and assuming i was hallucinating from some drug i must be on. I was blamed and labeled as a meth user yet i was willing to test by urine sample or blood test to protect my innocent reputation and desperate need to get help and not be overlooked or brushed aside. I was was never taken seriously or given the opportunity to prove otherwise just another label when the worst reactions like this were occurring. Dr. Karjos soap and natural medication cream and various items from his kit are the only thing that gets a huge outbreak to stop and somewhat go away. The outbreaks were disfiguring my arms, face, and genitals until i found Dr. Karjo and his kit. The problem with it is the smell of the soap and the spray. It is so strong and smells so bad its hard to stay using it as it leaves you smelling like burnt bbq or burnt trees. The soaps and spray are made from the oak tree. It was costing more than i could afford about 300 per month for me in the beginning. Now its around $ 230
    And i have to shower 2 to 3 times a day. Which is impossible at times to maintain and the smell left on me has forced me to live embarrassed or isolated but at least not in pain. Check out his website to bring morgellons sufferers to his website. Its called i dont work for them or get paid to endorse. It was truly life saving for me. And i would encourage anyone to go see him if they think they have morgellons disease. You can contact me if need at [email protected] if you need support or need to talk.
    Hopefully my pics upload and my testimony helps uncover what is really going in with morgellons sufferers and answers what the worms and like structures really are.

  6. My son has the exact same symptoms. The Doctor said he is in need of a shrink. He is miserable. It seems to come on for a week or too than stop for a couple of weeks than start again. Any help would be appreciated. The first docudsid he had mites. They gave him cream and it worked. Tha second time the cream didn’t work.

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