Reader Finds Centipedes in Bathroom

A reader reached out to us from North Texas because she found a worm-like organism in her bathroom on a few occasions. Her description of the creatures is quite detailed, “They have antennae and flail around. They are very long and skinny. The creatures are sort of a tannish, brown, red color with a red head. I think they might have tiny legs.” Our reader would like to know what these worms are, where they are coming from, and how to get rid of them. Here is the photo she shared with us:

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Our reader’s description matches the photo that she sent us perfectly! We believe that this specimen is a centipede. Although centipedes have long, thin bodies, they are not worms or even insects! People often confuse centipedes with millipedes. Both centipedes and millipedes have similar looks, but centipedes have only one pair of jointed legs per segment and millipedes have two. Although we can’t count the legs on this creature, we believe this is a centipede and not a millipede because of the long antennae.

Centipedes live in moist, dark, and secluded areas. They sometimes enter homes and hide in damp areas in bathrooms, closets, and basements. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly where these creatures are coming from. If she is determined to keep these specimens from getting into her house, she will need to seal any and all gaps between windows, doors, and vents, pipes, and other structural gaps. She can also clean to make her home less hospitable. Centipedes eat insects and insects typically eat organic matter. Getting rid of organic matter will therefore help reduce the number of centipedes. Our reader can also install a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in her bathroom and make it less hospitable.

In summary, one of our readers discovered some creatures in her bathroom. We are confident that these creatures are centipedes, which enjoy dark and damp environments.

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Reader Finds Centipedes in Bathroom
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Reader Finds Centipedes in Bathroom
One of our readers discovered some creatures in her bathroom. We are confident that these creatures are centipedes, which enjoy dark and damp environments.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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