Reader Experiencing Symptoms Should See a Doctor

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One of our readers reached out to us because he has been experiencing some odd symptoms and is desperate for answers. He explained that he has felt creepy crawling sensations, biting, and stinging throughout his whole body for  a long time. He also has experienced a lot of flaking from his scalp and facial hair, and has found mysterious black specks on his body. These experiences have made him quite paranoid and worried about a parasitic infection. He even purchased a microscope to get a closer look at what is coming off and out of his skin. He would greatly appreciate any insight we can offer.

The pictures he took are at 50-1000x magnification, so they show a lot of detail. This first photograph shows a brown and black stringy mass, which we suppose might be a worm-like organism. We are hesitant to confirm or deny that this man might have a parasitic infection because we are not medical professionals so we are not licensed to give medical advice. That being said, we will go through the rest of the pictures he sent us.

In this photograph we see a tiny black mass that has some thread-like hairs wrapping through it and emerging from one end. Again, we don’t feel comfortable speculating on if this may or may not be a parasite.

This is a fantastic photograph. It clearly shows some black (and one red) thread-like substances that are in the skin among his hair. The following photo also shows in great detail a single black thread-like substance against our readers skin and hair.

While we are not doctors or medical professionals, we have heard from readers who have experienced similar symptoms and have found strange fibers in their skin. We suggest that our reader see a doctor specializing in either infectious diseases or travel medicine (as travel medicine doctors are often much more familiar with parasitic infections) asap, and bring along the photos.

To wrap up, one of our readers has been experiencing full body symptoms and finding thread-like fibers in his skin. We encourage him to see a medical professional that is licensed to provide answers!


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Reader Experiencing Symptoms Should See a Doctor
Article Name
Reader Experiencing Symptoms Should See a Doctor
One of our readers has been experiencing full body symptoms and finding thread-like fibers in his skin. We encourage him to see a medical professional that is licensed to provide answers!

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Author: Worm Researcher Dori

9 thoughts on “Reader Experiencing Symptoms Should See a Doctor

  1. I glanced at the responses and one thing I can add is that this parasite will make you allergic to things that would attempt to eliminate it from your body. I am now anemic and went to the hemotologist to get iron into my blood from iv and left in an ambulance, it has also blocked my thyroid medication and we got some herbs from sprouts and also I had an allergic reaction and couldn’t breathe. Ivermectin has calmed it down but it is a horse medicine but since my doctor only gave me a three day dose of an antibiotic for parasites because they didn’t really believe me. With that I feel like it just pissed them off but when I researched ivermectin further, it turns out that is one of the parasites it can not eliminate. That’s all I know so far

  2. This would be a horse hair worm. I have the same thing it is the parasite from the mayfly, I believe. I have very similar pictures, but already had a microscope on hand. I actually thought it was thorns from a fall I experienced while hiking with my dog. In and out of the ER 21 times and I ended up diagnosing myself. I am on the hunt now for an infectious disease doctor in my area because I have already had a couple of doctors treat me like I am just some nut case. I use to live on a ranch and spent a lot of time in the creek with my dogs so I am pretty sure that is where I picked it up. Best advise I can give is document everything, start a journal and take pictures and save them to a specific location because doctors will only listen to you for about a minute and a half, also you should talk to a therapist because I know in my case it has really effected my mental health. Let me know more about your experience if you would like. Good Luck

  3. I found adjusting ph to be less acidic by holding antacid chewable tablets under my tongue, taking Zeolite drops, bathing with Epsom salt, baking soda, and/ or hydrogen peroxide in the water helps a lot. I have had better results combining it with a mixture of Myrrh, Frankincense, Cinnamon essential oils, and help oil in a 1-1-1-1 ratio then dilute with either olive oil or fractionated coconut oil to a point where it doesn’t burn the skin but you still feel a warming sensation. Apply to the entire body with pressure.

  4. Here’s the problem with Lyme/Morgellons: in the U.S. alone, thete are over 100 different bacteria that can cause LD. The most common live inside the guts of threadworms.
    So, to kill the LD, you need to get an accurate diagnosis of the specific type of bacteria, then use the correct medication.
    If you bombard them with the wrong meds, they will form impenetratable cyst.
    Once you stop the medication, they come back out.

    The same threadworms that live inside house mice, and infect humans, are also the ones that carry the bacteria inside them.
    And, these lil’ buggers actually come out of mice poop, and search out a new host.
    Human’s work.
    Point: find out the specific bacteria, and use the correct medication for longer than recommended.
    Also, treat any co-infections, (usually lymphatic filarisis)

  5. I have only had one doctor to diagnose me with Morgellons disease I have been on the round of antibiotics for 3 years and is no longer doing any good and I have probably been to 10 other doctors in the last year trying to get someone to help me for real and they look at me and throw me out the door because I have things take down on an envelope or pictures on my phone to show them I’ve been to the emergency room three times this year my house is being infested with them

  6. Thanks for heads up Cassie, I have ordered herbs onlinebefore and both times they did not work. Good advice there from you. TYVM

  7. 100% positive Morgellons, co-infection of Lyme’s Disease. Beware of medical professionals, including well know Mayo Clinic. Lyme is very difficult to diagnose and the common CDC differential blood tests are over 100 years old. The old phrase “you are what you eat” stands true to this day. Therefore blood tests and labs should also change. Seek natural or holistic doctors. Educate yourself. The internet is full of info. Don’t let anyone, including the Centers For Disease Control, tell you it’s Dilusional Parasitosis. They are delusional for thinking the world is ignorant. Lyme Disease and it’s co-infections have become a pandemic. Also beware of “protocols” that are expensive. If you can’t find what is recommended at your local natural market then you probably shouldn’t order online.

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