Reader Concerned About Worms Coming From Her Pores

One of our readers recently reached out to us about her skin. She wrote, “What is coming out of my pores? It pinches and stings me. I’ve had an issue with it for 3 years, but doctors don’t take me seriously. I have open sores and they won’t go away. Please help if you can as it’s really starting to affect my health.” She sent us 3 photographs:

She didn’t explain where on her body these sores are, or where each specimen came from. Also, there isn’t anything to use for size comparison in the photo, so we don’t know how big or small the creature is.

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Again, we don’t know where on her body this creature came from or its size. It doesn’t look like any parasite we are familiar with. The final photo looks a little bit like a flatworm, but these aren’t usually found on humans, and we don’t feel confident about confirming that as the creature’s identity.

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Since this is a medical issue, we, unfortunately, aren’t able to provide much help to our reader. We aren’t sure what she is dealing with, and we don’t feel comfortable guessing. There are several “skin worms” that can affect humans, but we aren’t familiar enough with them to recognize them on our readers. In addition, we don’t have the training or expertise to diagnose or treat anyone based on photos and a description. For these reasons, we encourage our reader to see a medical professional for help.

We know she has been dealing with this issue for years and hasn’t been taken seriously by a doctor yet. We recommend she seek out a travel/infectious disease specialist since they often have more exposure to odd cases and might be able to provide better care than a general physician in this situation. To do so, she can search “travel infectious disease specialist [her location or nearest big city.]”

To wrap up, a reader reached out to us about worms that are coming out of her pores and potentially causing open sores on her skin. Since we aren’t medical professionals, her request for help lies outside of our area of expertise. We encourage her to see a specialist and we hope she receives the care she needs!

Reader Concerned About Worms Coming From Her Pores
Article Name
Reader Concerned About Worms Coming From Her Pores
A reader reached out to us about worms that are coming out of her pores and potentially causing open sores on her skin. Since we aren't medical professionals, her request for help lies outside of our area of expertise. We encourage her to see a specialist and we hope she receives the care she needs!


  1. Oni

    I too have the exact thing for 9 YEARS now. the coper image I believe is a sheath created bu the worm from our own bodies, perhaps sebum wax and keratin?? The “American Murderer -Hookworm” creates such a sheath and sheds it when headed to be iswalliwed to gut -part of the life cycle. They are killing me. I have seen 3 Infectious Disease Docs and they are all a joke!!! The only thing that helps is using Moxidectin (HORSE gel). Taking it daily small amounts and ALSO… mix in hot water then add to spray bottle to easily coat your skin and scalp throughout the day.
    I have found a dr who is private and expensive and she agreed it was oarasite and either disemminated hookworm ir disseminated tapeworm and wrote me the appropriate medications and my INSURANCE REFUSES TO PAY FOR THEM! One is for Mebendazole 2x day 6 months and the other Praziquantel 2x day 6 months
    The Meb is $26,000 A MONTH and the Prazi is $5000 a month. I have no where left to turn now so I guess you are doomed even if you find help you cant AFFORD TO SAVE YOUR LIFE and Insurance companies would much rather you die!
    However. the moxidectin does help slowly ease it back enuf to breathe. Best wishes everyone!

  2. there are scales comeing from my eyes and nose and my sinuses i feel little slimy worms that i pull from them but now its so bad i feel pressure because it being so clogged im so scared my eyes are going blury my hearing is muffled and my nose is always clogged to the point that i cant smell or taste anything

  3. hello i am a hamiltom woman for the past 10 years i have been dealing with the most uncomfortable feeling on my scalp. i started getting sores on my scalp after a very large bump that i thought
    was a ingrown pimple on my scalp, since then it has spread over my entire scalp down my fore head in my eyes ears nose and neck every where i have hair. i really need help i have tried everything. thank you from desperate

  4. Christina Perry

    Leishmaniasis and dwarf tapeworm are my top guesses.
    I think its more than one thing and morgellons is what doctors call something they are too lazy to properly asses.

  5. Christina Perry

    Send samples to UNH. They have an insect ID lab and are looking at my samples now. I’ve spent thousands of dollars, seen multiple vets and doctors, and basically was treated like an idiot nuisance.
    I’m a scientist..
    Me, my daughter and our dog and cat all have symptoms like this and I see those copper things everywhere. Well, I did before things got waaaaay worse.
    I have lost over 70lbs in the past 7 months.
    Hold your ground. You’re not crazy and you’re not wrong, no matter who says so.

  6. Lisa Bullock

    I really believe her I have flatworms all over my entire body I stepped into a sticker Bush and now they have been coming out of me for 3 years now I cannot get a doctor to help me they all say they’re just scabs and I know they’re not so I really feel for her.

  7. Noneya

    What a joke. We all know if she takes this to a “soevialist”, that specialist will say it’s nothing and give her steroids.

  8. Mary Imanivong

    I believe lady have Morgellon coming out her pores. I have morgellon and sores will not heal

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