Raising Korean Lugworms


Lugworms are marine worms that burrow into the sand. Lugworms can make up to 30% of the biomass of the average sandy beach, and they are very crucial to the ecosystem and food web. Lugworms are often used as bait for fishing, and we assume this is why our reader is breeding these worms. These worms are typically raised in Korea, and then shipped to the United States for use.

Lugworms feed on organic materials and micro-organisms. However, lugworms have a more complicated life cycle than other typical fish baits, and therefore are harder to cultivate. To build your own worming beach you will need a lot of sand, and access to seawater, as well as a mechanism to create tides.  The worms need tides and proper food or they won’t survive. Needless to say, attempting to breed lugworms is not a task for the faint of heart. Here at All About Worms, we aren’t experts at breeding worms, so we can’t offer much advice.

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We invite other readers to pipe in if they have any experience in this area!

Overall, a reader reached out to us about raising Korean Lugworms. We were able to provide some background information on this, but we do not know the details of how to accomplish this successfully.

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Raising Korean Lugworms
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Raising Korean Lugworms
A reader asked us how to breed Perinereis aibuhitensis and grow the larvae to adult worms. For those who don’t know, P. aibuhitensis are more commonly known as Korean lugworm, and that is how we will refer to them in this post.

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