What Creature Was Calcified in Old Wood?

We believe the calcified worm our reader found is a dead shipworm! These specimens are found all over the world and are known for burrowing into shipwrecks and feasting on decaying wood. Continue reading [...]

Worms Found Near Dry Food Are Pantry Moth Larvae

We believe the creatures our reader found in her home are pantry moth larvae. These food pests can be quite a nuisance so we encourage our reader to start following the steps to eliminate them as soon as possible! Continue reading [...]

Worm Discovered in Shower is a Millipede or Centipede

We believe the creatures our reader found in his bathroom are probably millipedes. Millipedes are harmless and not usually classified as household pests, which means they don't cause damage or destruction inside a home, so our reader has nothing to worry about! Continue reading [...]

Worm in Sink is Scarlet Malachite Beetle Larva

We believe the worm-like organism our reader found is a scarlet malachite beetle larva. This specimen isn't considered a pest, so our reader doesn't need to stress about finding it in his house! Continue reading [...]

Clusters of Worms Found in Garden Under Stones

Today we will discuss some worm-like organisms that a reader discovered under stones in her garden. She wrote that she keeps finding large clusters of them and is curious about what they are. Continue reading [...]

What is Tiny Brown Worm Found in Carpet?

We think this might be a carpet beetle larva. Since our reader found this worm in her carpet, this seems especially appropriate. Continue reading [...]
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