Worm on Bathtub Pillow is a Millipede

A reader found a millipede on the bathtub pillow in her bath. Although millipedes aren't considered dangerous or harmful, we think it is best that our reader disposed of the pillow since we have no way of knowing if there were more inside or not! Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Raw Sunflower Seeds As a Cure for Worms in Cats?

One of our readers asked us about using sunflower seeds as a home remedy for treating her cats with worms. Since we aren't medical professionals, we can't give advice on this matter. We recommend that she bring her cats in to be treated by a vet at a free pet clinic. Continue reading [...]

What Is Inside Gold Cocoon?

One of our readers sent us a picture of a beautiful, gold cocoon she found near Denver, Colorado. We believe a butterfly will emerge from it, but we encourage our reader to keep checking in on the cocoon, as she might be able to witness the grand exit for herself! Continue reading [...]

Black Worms Emerge From Skin And Cause Itching

One of our readers wrote to us about some black worms that emerge from her skin and make her itchy. We recommend that she see a doctor who will be able to diagnose and treat her much more effectively and safely than we could even attempt to. We hope she finds herself back in good health soon! Continue reading [...]

Worms On Wall Are Carpet Beetle Larvae

One of our readers discovered a few carpet beetle larvae on her wall. As most of our readers know, saying farewell to carpet beetle larvae requires 2 weeks (minimum) of thorough cleaning! Continue reading [...]

Yellow and Black Worms are Bumble Bee Millipedes

We believe the organisms our reader noticed in his mother's home are bumble bee millipedes. While some people actually seek out these millipedes and breed colonies to later be used as reptile food, our reader wishes to help his mother say goodbye to these arthropods. As with most worm-like organisms, getting rid of these millipedes will depend mostly on cleaning. Continue reading [...]
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