Brown and Beige-Striped Organism on Mattress is a Carpet Beetle Larva

A reader in Toronto, Ontario found this worm-like critter on his mattress after taking his sheets off to wash. The creature in question is brown and beige-striped with a darker-colored, brown head, and our reader states he would appreciate any help with this matter. Continue reading [...]

Bug Spray Will Not Be Necessary To Get Rid of this Armyworm Cluster

"What is this and how do I get rid of it?" asks this reader, who has seemingly found a large cluster of worm-like organisms. The creatures are small and gray, with bulbous black heads, and our reader asks if she needs to spray the creatures with bug spray. Continue reading [...]

See-through Worms Found on Bed are Flea Larvae

A "bunch" of this worm-like creature was found on this reader's bed, who is scared as to what it may be. The creature in question appears to be almost completely transparent, with a black string of matter on its inside. Continue reading [...]

Plump, White Worm-like Creature on Front Porch is a Root Weevil Larva

A plump, white worm-like creature with a black/brown head was found on this reader's front porch and he wonders what it could be. The tiny specks around it are sand, as our reader recently moved their sandbox away from the area the creature was discovered in. Continue reading [...]

Segmented, Worm-like Creature on Bed Cover is a Black Carpet Beetle Larva

A reader in Cairo, Egypt asks for our help after discovering a worm-like creature crawling on his bed cover. The creature appears to be black and white, with a segmented, elongated body. Continue reading [...]

Light Pink Larva Surprises Woman as it Crawls Up Through Computer Crack

A "light pink or light orange" worm-like creature "came crawling up from the crack" of this reader's computer as she was sitting on her bed. Our reader has only found one of these worms, but is worried about what it may be. Continue reading [...]
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