Hair Worms Feeding of Man Justify a Visit to an Infectious Disease Physician

"Need help" begins our reader in her query to us about her husband, who has "something like hair worms that host his hairs and use his skin to reach out and feed off him." In what sounds like a dire situation, our reader reaches out to us for any assistance that we can provide. Continue reading [...]

Dark Green, Glossy Bug Found on Watermelon Plant is a Brittle Bush Leaf Beetle Larva

"I found this bug (and a few of its friends) on a watermelon plant today" says this reader about the dark green caterpillar-like creature photographed below. She wonders if this is a roly poly larva, and asks if she will need to relocate the bugs or if they are okay to stay in her garden. Continue reading [...]

‘How Do Earthworms Get Into Our Toilets?’ Wonders Reader After Finding One in His Bathroom

"I would like to know how [this worm] could have gotten in the toilet?" asks this reader in Medway, Kent, who found this worm in his upstairs toilet. The worm looks to be thin and long, with a pink-brown body and no obvious appendages or bristles. Continue reading [...]

Bug of Brown Stripes and Bantam Bristles is a Carpet Beetle Larva

"I found this bug in my pantry. I'm not sure what it is?" asks this reader about the little critter photographed below. The bug looks to have a bristly, ovate body and has horizontal stripes of varying shades of brown; it looks exactly like a carpet beetle larva. Continue reading [...]

Black, Segmented Worms Found on Golf Course are Millipedes

"I found a bunch of these worms on a golf course green. Can you tell me what they are?" asks this reader, who sent in a lovely photograph of a tiny, segmented creature. The creature is black in color, with a long, tubular body, and looks like a millipede. Continue reading [...]

Maggot-like Creature Found in Dining Room Window is a Root Weevil Larva

"I have found the attached maggot/worm in my dining room in front of a large window," writes this reader in southern Ontario. The maggot appears to be a creamy-white color, with a brown head and no legs. Continue reading [...]
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