Black Dots on Lamp Could be Moths or Something Else Entirely

"Help!" exclaims this reader at the beginning of her query to us. "What the heck is on the couch crystal lamp shade?" she asks, likely referring to the black dots one can see in the screenshot below. Continue reading [...]

Brown and White-speckled Bug with Six Forelegs and a Pronged Rear is a Beetle Larva

"What type of worm or bug is this?" asks this reader in her query concerning the brown and white, speckled bug in the photograph below. Our reader found it on top of her bed cover, and we will do our best to identify this critter for our reader. Continue reading [...]

Centipede and Millipedes Coexist in this Reader’s Home and She has Questions

"I live in Spain and often find what I believe to be millipedes in my apartment," starts this reader in her query. She has also found what she suspects is a centipede, and wonders if millipedes and centipedes can coexist, as well as if "Raid is the best thing" to use to "get rid of them." Continue reading [...]

Man Wonders if the Featureless, White Matter from Pork is Fat or an Organism

"I'm guessing it's fat" states this reader about the matter in the photo below which "rolled out on the knife" after cutting some ham. Despite this guess, our reader is unsure if it could be something else, and asks if we can confirm this as he has "a lot more meat from the same animal." Continue reading [...]

Long, Striped Worm Found in Toilet is a Red Wiggler

"Is this an earthworm that I found in my toilet?" is all this reader writes in his submission. The "earthworm" he is referring to is the long, red-striped worm in the photo below, which is a screenshot from one of the two videos our reader sent in. Continue reading [...]

Small White Organisms Found on Wooden Structures in Home are Woodworms

"We have been finding small white things (as well as other strange things) all around our house for at least a year now," states this reader in her submission regarding the organisms displayed in the photographs below. She describes the situation as an "ongoing and life-consuming nightmare" and appreciates any advice we can give her about the creatures' identity and how to get rid of them. Continue reading [...]
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