Man Has Had “Something” Crawling All Over Him For 15 Years; Where Can He Go for Help?

A man has been having "something crawling all over" his face, ears and clothing for 15 years and wonders where he can go to receive help. Despite not providing any photographs, and very little context, we will do our best to provide some helpful information to this man. Continue reading [...]

Reddish-Brown Worm in Woman’s Toilet is Likely an Earthworm or Bloodworm

A red/brown worm was spotted in this woman's toilet after her cousin used the bathroom. She states that she has never experienced any worms in her bathroom before, and asks if she should be worried. Continue reading [...]

Segmented, Brown Worm on Stovetop is a Millipede

A dark-brown, segmented creature was found by this reader, who wonders if it is a drain fly larva or a millipede. The critter was found on our reader's stovetop at night; it was not moving and the spot on the stove where it was found was dry. Continue reading [...]

Ovate, Brown Worm on Shirt Sleeve is a Carpet Beetle Larva

A worm was found on the shirt sleeve of this reader who wonders if we could help determine what it might be. Although the photograph is quite blurry, we can still discern the worm's ovate shape and light brown color. Continue reading [...]

Is Dead ‘Worm’ in Man’s Home a Slug or Leech?

A reader wonders if the creature in this photograph is a dead slug. From the photo we can tell that the creature has black coloration, a smooth exterior, a shape that is bulbous at the head but thins out towards the tail, and is small compared to the $10 bill our reader exhibited for size comparison. Continue reading [...]

Long, Striped Worm in Toilet is a Red Wriggler

A worm was found in the toilet of this reader, alive, and she wonders if we could help identify it for her as she is "freaked" out. The worm in question appears to be red in color, with segmented stripes, and a long, smooth body. Continue reading [...]
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