Organisms of Various Appearances Plague Woman in Search of Help

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“These are everywhere: face, head, inside,” states this reader in her submission to us. “What should I do?” she asks about the organisms pictured below, which vary in appearance from long, brown pieces of matter, to ovate, green-gray objects.

She has been to the hospital three times so far, but whoever she has consulted has called her “crazy”. As a result, she has now come to us for advice. “A woman knows her body,” she continues. “I feel like I’m dying a slow death.”

Now, unfortunately our advice can only go so far as recommending medical professionals that she can go to for better help. We cannot identify the organisms, because they are causing medical concerns, and since we are not medical professionals, we are not qualified to make such identifications. Doing so would be to diagnose the issue, which often does more harm than good when the diagnosis comes from someone who is not a medical professional.

So, with that in mind, what we can recommend is that our reader do one or more of the following:

1) Search for a medical parasitologist in her area using this directory of medical parasitology consultants:
2) Search for a local parasitologist by doing a Google search for “medical parasitologist (name of the closest big city)” or “tropical medicine specialist (name of the closest big city)”.
3) Get in touch with Dr. Omar Amin at the Parasitology Center at

A medical parasitologist specializes in the field of organisms that negatively affect people’s health. As such, they would take our reader seriously. If our reader were to consult a medical parasitologist, we advise that she tells them her entire story and show them the same photos she sent us. This can potentially help speed up the process of identifying the organisms and coming to a solution.

To conclude, we are unfortunately not qualified to identify the organisms which are plaguing our reader, but we hope nonetheless that the resources listed above come to use, and that we were able to help in some way. We wish her the very best, and hope that she knows she is not alone in her struggle.


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Organisms of Various Appearances Plague Woman in Search of Help
Article Name
Organisms of Various Appearances Plague Woman in Search of Help
"These are everywhere: face, head, inside," states this reader in her submission to us. "What should I do?" she asks about the organisms pictured below, which vary in appearance from long, brown pieces of matter, to ovate, green-gray objects.

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

1 thought on “Organisms of Various Appearances Plague Woman in Search of Help

  1. I live in Tx. I have had a cast + crew of changing guests…for 3+years. All 3 images are familiar. #2/hard to tell ….but this one is recent – if the white part is seed like (pumpkinesque) and rest is associated material. They end up floating. But the stool (I have a redundant elongated colon – area of probiotic desert) constipated more than loose. But, similar dark seeds….both disturbingly proliferous. But the dark are creepier. Associated with a base structure white to yellow and vacules in which they end up maturing out of becoming free …many evenly spaced in that white ….which are decidedly plant like to me. But micro is not my…..
    I sympathize so. This is secret hideous. What you describe the evolving cast is hideous torture. My event happened at one specifics event. I felt my abdomen was bizarrely expanding rapidly with BM and the research chem in me knew this was weird I took my tablet into …with me. Like many of you I had a M.H. diagnosis \a Veteran recently stopped all meds (sought psycology/ behave mod) lost safely that 100 lbs over a year 2.5lb A week. Regained normal BP, B.Suger,cholesterol/trigly, etc. And take no meds since. The maybe leaky gut, metabolic syndrome, fatty liveresque profile I am now almost 67 and on those MH meds and benzodiazepines Alzheimer’s and women early sudden death…..made deliberate choice. Except for this nightmare life is a piece of cake. I have however a Diametaceous food grade earth habit now. It keeps the count down. Which when I wonder how can I support this invasion? In a couple of hours it resolves that and I have a bowel movement or two daily for the 1st time. Of note it supplies Silica…(+_,trace minerals) which without little known – you go into oesteo…penia. There is only one journal Nutrition on this use supporting DE. before I continue how I know your freeloaders and the rest of the Posse that I believe have a hideout in my minus gallbladder ducts.
    I was given against my wishes a Teflon clip on my scarred tube and ovary – I suspect billion is the starship they evolved from. With multiple different UFOrgasnisms…like yourself it does explain your circumstance +mine reasonably…you are not crazy. I am 10 yrs out of renal carcinoma. (Prior yrs no Ca or D3 in blood)
    Logical D3 keeps cells from multiply when another cell is sensed….so that also fits logic. But, get one delusional on record and everyone sees that and stops there. I discovered my own cancer and a MRI test result disappeared …when I was told by my Psych…says here your pain thought to be delusional….(she cool!) I asked the results MRI? None …so I turned the hosp. Rcds upside down for hours + PG 4 diagnose
    R.C. but that delusional still has a life of its own.
    Just a precaution you might ought to keep in mind as you proceed. I live in Austin (note: Tx, Fl, CA national states for Morgellons) I have had some hallmarks I have gotten under control. But damn just remission…no real skin involvement …definite other. And tick nest in Army. Now back to #2 it kind of seems the gut no-one is like a room of a specific size and needs to be occupied by a certain predominate of the good probiotics if not that space gets populated by various degrees of their lesser to more inbred nefarious relations gram negative ( thin cell walled which the DE corrupts and the good guys have thick ones it seems to not affect..but
    this is my experience ONLY) but it seems I eradicate one and by whatever mechanism …
    But, #2 mine I believe to be b. Homonis…..not considered a disease….developing just compromising and in COVID era ….weakens ….
    If the count gets too high obstruction is a concern…and this character is the Cortez takeover populated these are huge +many and I am back to daily DE. Starts out as a few and ….
    Seeds in vacules. Starts out smaller and few
    And will fill the room of the gut and must be eliminating competion by volume. And over time I see evidence of all these things over time sometimes more sometimes less ….if I believe there is “room” and whatever cycle inherent. I always have Various red things …like live blood flukes looking like tomato skins. And this sounds gross but I work as a scientist chemistry not this teehee shit! But attempt to clear up theory….I have put them in an “aquarium”.
    And damn if some are ballet performance graceful. And the point of that is ….yup alive. But never even consider taking ANYTHING resembling an example!
    My P. Care who knew me a decade laughed saying (I was unfamiliar with….)
    You are not speaking of bringing a matchbox sample. It was downhill from there. I now have UHC nsurance not the one file VA which without a diagnosis I will never return. And for Gastro suspected critters I need to see a Gastroenter…guy.
    Also….one of the two specialists this precious advocate here suggests …Amin I read his take on Morgellions and his reclassification of the disease process being triggered by toxic (omg criminal) dental work is a definite factor for me.
    So THAT is something all of us need to consider for sure…and he made aware the 80% of Dental implants are problematic by the way not <15%.
    Lastly try with the headshots of your creature features. Tracking great resource …almost as good as all about worms which rocks supreme.
    Peace not pieces
    AND a ton of love!

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