Oregon Housewife Discovers a Monstrous, Microscopic World Inside the Lint Balls Scattered Throughout Her Home

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“I have found these continually on my clothes and in my bed sheets even!” says this reader about the light brown “larvae” pictured below. Our reader asks us if we have any ideas as to what these might be.

To be more specific, our reader wants to know if these really are larvae, or if “lint does house a microscopic monstrous world” and she “should mind [her] own business.” This question stems from the opinions she has gotten from other people, that these are simply lint balls and are nothing to worry about.

The pictures our reader has sent us are taken through a “microscope cell adapter” and show what our reader thinks to be “some sort of larva or yet to be fully-developed bug growing inside of these greyish colored balls of fiber or lint strings.” Our reader is a self-proclaimed Oregon housewife “with a suspected moisture issue yet to be determined.”

Since these larvae are microscopic, we can say right away that we will not be able to identify these larvae. When you go that small, it becomes impossible to see the physical characteristics of the organisms without a microscope, which in turn make them harder to identify.

Usually, it is easiest to identify microscopic organisms within context, such as the location they are discovered in or the behaviors they are exhibiting. For example, there are microscopic parasites that are identifiable by the location they are found in (the body) and their behavior (feeding off the body and causing symptoms). When it comes to lint, the most common microscopic “bug” one can find there are mites, so it could very well be that these are mite larvae. That said, most mite larvae are not legless, so this conclusion is doubtful.

Alternatively, it could be true that some bug is laying eggs in lint balls, which are then hatching into larvae and that is what our reader is finding, but then we find it doubtful that they would be microscopic. We must admit that it is curious that she has been finding these lint balls all over her home, especially under her pillow. The most common critter that rolls balls of lint is the carpet beetle, but their larvae do not look like this at all and are not microscopic; they can be seen with the naked eye. For that reason, we will say that these are definitely not carpet beetle larvae. The identify of these larvae remains a mystery, unfortunately.

What we recommend that our reader do is hire a professional to take a look at her potential moisture issue. Infestations of larvae/worms/other small creatures often start with high levels of moisture, as there are plenty of species of such creatures that prefer damp environments. It could be that dealing with the moisture issue will inadvertently solve this problem as well.

In conclusion, we can unfortunately not say exactly what it is our reader found in these lint balls. What we will say is that our reader is correct in thinking that there are organisms that live inside lint balls and that there can indeed be “microscopic monstrous world[s]” present inside them. What we recommend is throwing out the lint balls and contacting a professional concerning the moisture issue. That way she will control and hopefully eliminate this potential infestation of the mysterious, microscopic larvae.


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Oregon Housewife Discovers a Monstrous, Microscopic World Inside the Lint Balls Scattered Throughout Her Home
Article Name
Oregon Housewife Discovers a Monstrous, Microscopic World Inside the Lint Balls Scattered Throughout Her Home
"I have found these continually on my clothes and in my bed sheets even!" says this reader about the light brown "larvae" pictured below. Our reader asks us if we have any ideas as to what these might be.

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

5 thoughts on “Oregon Housewife Discovers a Monstrous, Microscopic World Inside the Lint Balls Scattered Throughout Her Home

  1. Moved out of home of 9 yrs to a house that I have been doing basic cleaning for the owner for 11yr. From dishes to bed bug clean out. Was kinda not feeling well shortly after moving in.lost voice for 4 months, COVID shot I blamed. Then cat had tapeworm segment on butt.Treated all cats and deep cleaned, main level with disinfectent and bleach&vinager.1 day later, noticed air not heat blowing from vents. furnace guy comes out,goes downstairs,its flooded. Cats get sick,vomits,runny smelly poop,losing weight.treat them,for tape, roundworm,gardia,coccidia,colitis,then whip,hookworm.Been seeing these hairs, on my hair and they are playing jungle gym with my hair. and finding them in cats stool.and they are pulling the threads out of anything fabric.I call them threadTheives,or Blanket destroyers. finding fuzzballs,lintballs(have no dryer)white things,all over that these hairs are doing.told only the owner&a friend,(whos house is now home to these fuzzballs) Owner told me I crazy&lost my mind.when I show him he says all i see is the thread from the blanket (shirt,ect).Friend just smiles&nods head.Finally decided to take before&after pics.Been looking on line for the past4months coming up with nothing simualr to the things found around home and finally found this site.Good to know that I am not the only “crazy”Lost my mind” person anymore that sees these hairs and fuzzballs moving or appearing. Also thinking the parasites that are making my babies&I constantly sick are coming from the basement and or the standing water (almost like a pond)in the back yard from the clogged street drains.They did drain the basement water into the back yard as well.I have steam cleaned carpets, bleached disenfected&deep cleaned main floor at least 4 times since moved in only6 months ago. Located In Michigan.

  2. Ok this is a godsend! Doctors, family even my gf all think I’m crazy. This is exactly what is going on with me. Well almost exactly. I’ve been dealing with issue a long time, 6 or 7.months to.be be sure.
    My main problem is the pinworm larvae., my house is thoroughly contaminated as am I. I took some pics for the exterminator who told me they were just junk from a messy house (he wouldn’t come). I.have them in my poop, I’ve got a long running smelly UTI, they are in my sinus/naval cavities as well as ear canals and stomach.

    When I discovered the lint balls, I didn’t just discover lint balls housing microscopic bugs. I discovered that the pinworms can go back and forth between shapes of big airy puff balls of lint and longer wrapped up pieces of cotton fabric.

    I’ve been so fed up and pissed off at all the disbelief and condescension I’ve been receiving that i.decided that before I told anyone about this I was going to get it on video. And I did. Not only that but it includes a pinwodm and a lintball fighting. If I didn’t see it myself I absolutely would not believe it and I still have no clue what I’m watching. I’d like to share it here of I can. Is that possible?

  3. I have cystic echinococcus and I just was so lucky to have ringworm many years ago when I was exposed and where it was the worst on my scalp, jawline and neck, I developed cyst, from tiny to massive lumps. They come out of me all the time know when I flare up, which is just parasite die off, which can cast off all sorts of crap out of you, this also is releasing all the parasites toxins which you’re having a profound allergic reaction called a herx reaction and they can be quite serious, I find the more alien balls of lint and unidentified debris, the more severe my herx.. it’s a big complicated world, Dr’s don’t know enough so you’ll get the hairy eyebrow when you ask your primary for a tapeworm test.. I got pills for depression the first time I said something about a tapeworm.. 3 years later.. yeah.. educate yourself cause you’ll find yourself diagnosed with a billion different things every visit. A billion different things wrong with you isn’t normal! Something causes all that to happen to your body, something living like parasites and fungus! It’s a real problem to be cautious of. My specific tapeworm comes from a dog. It’s not uncommon but it’s hard to diagnose… especially if you’re leaving it up to your Dr. I suggest becoming proficient in all terms, modes of transmission, noting all life cycles and your reactions.. they will be repeating, and each part will get worse over time. Pay big attention to yourself, your bedding, clothing, feel that lint.. does it feel sticky or wet? Does anything in your bowel movements look like proglottids or tapeworm? Sesame or cucumber seeds? If all that comes up negative but still have alien lint and it’s not hurting you physically?? Just invest in environmental cleaning. You also could have toxic mold exposure and early asbestos exposure, no real damage from it for 10-20 years.. but testing for that is also available. Hope I didn’t scare you, it’s a strange big world we live in and aren’t we all just parasites? Some are just more easier to tolerate than others as we share this space with them.

  4. Get KLEEN PRODUCT I got the gallon only thing that worked have same exact problem. Look up MORGELLONS it has the same exact pictures. It’s driving me mad. Me and my son are so itchy constantly. Allergies are bothering everyone in my house. I vacuumed three times a day. Have tried every product on the market and no luck, but the original clean free naturally is safe for children and pets. You can wash yourself, your hair, your laundry, and your house with it. It’s a little pricey but it goes a long way. Super concentrated. I used one cap to make a gallon. It is the only thing that has helped drastically

  5. I have something simular. Lint balls what appears on socks sweaters blankets sweats stretch pants etc. The pillballs one uses a clothes razor for ,most r attached but some not. You can see a longer hair then the rest it will wiggle its like a probe. I use tweezers holding it by a small hair/thread generally find the wiggling hair reaching out touching its surroundings. Drop in clear glass w water and should find something dark inside use hand magnifier if u wish or remove from water and place on paper plate to examine they range in size from lowercase (i) to lc (l) that is the bug. Also if you leave boxs of swabs open you will find those wiggley hair bugs have infested those also. Dust mites? Ive only seen one as large as hers 1x. But they are every where. I believe they are from dust and laundry lint and rooms not vented properly. Don’t let lint in dryer build up and dispose of in closed container. A bit of gross they get in your sinus and cause intense itching tickling in your nose. My gp doctor laughed when I told her,, my liver Dr when asked if dust mites can set up residence In your sinuses she said most definitely. I haven’t a cure not even a name but when I do I will share.

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