Mother in Belgium Finds a Slug

We recently heard from one of our followers in Belgium who has been discovering a creature in her home on a regular basis as of late. She has a daughter who has picked up the specimen, and this frightens our reader. She wonders if it could cause any harm or lead to disease. She hopes we are able to identify the creature and advise her on how to prevent its entry into her apartment on the ground floor. Also, she put the specimen in water, but it had no problem floating:


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We are confident that our reader has found a slug! Slugs are not worms, rather they belong to the gastropod family. Although these slimy, soft-bodied creatures can gross people out, they are not poisonous to humans. Some slugs could potentially carry parasites that might infect humans, but this is a really unlikely scenario. Our reader should just make sure her daughter washes her hands after touching the creature and advise her to keep her hands away from her mouth.

Slugs usually hide in damp places during the day, and then come out to eat at night. They often leave a slimy trail behind them, and they eat on plants. Since these creatures don’t have bones or a shell, it is easy for them to squeeze through cracks and get into closed off places. Our reader should investigate for any slimy trails that the specimen might have left in her home. If she can find a trail, she will be able to identify the access of entry that this slug has utilized. Then she can have it properly sealed to ensure the creature doesn’t keep visiting her home. If her apartment is especially humid, she might consider investing in a dehumidifier to eliminate excess moisture, which could also be attracting the slugs.

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To sum up, a reader has been finding an interesting creature in her home in Belgium. We believe that this creature is a slug.


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Mother in Belgium Finds a Slug

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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