Moth Fly Larvae Discovered on Blinds


One of our readers reached out to us to ask about some worm-like organisms she found on her blinds. She believes they might be larvae or caterpillars (which are the larvae of moths and butterflies). She wants to know what these specimens are. She sent us two photographs. Here is the first one:

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The photo displays tons of tiny black specimens covering a small area of her window blinds. We have actually received a lot of photographs from readers that are very similar to this one. In one article we determined the organisms to be inchworms. In another article we believed that the creatures in question were moth fly larvae. Did this reader find inchworms, moth fly larvae, or something else entirely? Let’s examine the second photograph, which is closer to the creatures and shows quite a bit more detail:


We can see that these creatures have a round head and a rough body texture. We believe these specimens are moth fly larvae, which are also known as drain fly larvae. Moth fly larvae are extremley common household pests. They might appear in any room of the house since they feed on decaying organic matter. Adult moth flies lay their eggs in areas where decaying organic matter is present, so when their eggs hatch, the larvae can simply begin eating. So, in order to say goodbye to these moth fly larvae, our reader will need to clean to eliminate the food source. She should thoroughly clean the blinds to eliminate whatever unseen organic matter is lingering there. While the presence of these larvae can be annoying, our reader shouldn’t stress too much about it, they are harmless little creatures!

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To conclude, a reader discovered tons of tiny black larvae on a small area of her window blinds. We believe these creatures are moth fly larvae.

Moth Fly Larvae Discovered on Blinds
Article Name
Moth Fly Larvae Discovered on Blinds
A reader discovered tons of tiny black larvae on a small area of her window blinds. We believe these creatures are moth fly larvae.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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