Mortality Rate of Parasitic Worm

A reader recently sent us two photographs and asked, “What is your opinion of these pictures?” He also mentioned that the creature is very good at disguising itself by using hair and the adhesive from band aids. He said that lab tests show highly elevated B – 12. Finally, he wants to know the mortality rate. Here is the first photograph he sent us:

ATTENTION: GET PARASITE HELP NOW! At All About Worms we get a lot of questions about skin parasites, blood parasites, and intestinal parasites in humans. Because we can't diagnose you, we have put together this list of doctors and labs who understand and specialize in dealing with parasites in humans! That resource is HERE

The creature appears to be flat and brown colored, but it is hard to understand what exactly we are looking at. We think it might be on our reader’s skin, but that is just an assumption based on what we can see in the photograph. We don’t know the exact size or shape. The other photograph shows the arm of our reader covered in open sores:

This looks quite painful! We understand that our reader is dealing with some health issues that are probably quite stressful. Unfortunately, we cannot be of much help to him. Since we aren’t medical professionals, we aren’t certified to give medical advice to any of our readers. Also, we don’t feel comfortable speculating on a potential parasite infection since we don’t have enough information about the situation, or the expertise to diagnose or treat medical issues. We recommend that our reader make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible to have his questions answered. Since he mentioned lab results, he may have already seen a doctor. If his doctor wasn’t able to provide the help or information our reader was seeking, we encourage him to see a travel infectious disease specialist. These professionals are often better equipped to treat elusive and mysterious cases.┬áTo find one in his area he can do an Internet search for “travel infectious disease specialist [his location]”.

To sum up, we received a message and some photographs from a reader who might be suffering from a parasite. We encourage our reader to visit a doctor as soon as possible!

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Mortality Rate of Parasitic Worm
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Mortality Rate of Parasitic Worm
We received a message and some photographs from a reader who might be suffering from a parasite. We encourage our reader to visit a doctor as soon as possible!

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

2 thoughts on “Mortality Rate of Parasitic Worm

  1. I thought morgellons was suppose to be a superstition. I have all the problems mentioned in these blogs- broke from looking cor unanswered-and I got nothing but shamed. Please, someone help us all.

  2. I have been diagnosed with Morgellons disease and the horse hair I have many pictures I have documented throughout the three years being very sick getting sicker by the day and my home is infested with the horsehair worm I have all kinds of pictures if you would be interesting at looking at them

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