Man and Woman Deal with Hooked Worms Coming From Nose and Sores

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“This one worm with the hook on it came out of his nose, the other one that had 2 in it came out of a sore in my leg,” this reader writes to us. She wonders if we can tell her what these worms are.

The sentence quoted above is the only context provided, so we do not know who our reader is referring to when she mentions the one worm coming out of “his nose”, but we assume the photograph pictured above is of that particular worm, seeing as one can make out a black, hook-like protrusion from one end of the organism. Our reader has also included other photos, which we must warn can be somewhat upsetting to sensitive eyes. That said, all of the photographs are quite blurry, which is unfortunate, depending on who you ask. For us, it makes it more difficult to discern the finer details of the organisms’ bodies. Nonetheless, this situation is medical in nature, and so we suppose the resolution of the photos is of less importance than it usually would be. This is because, as the situation is of a medical nature, and we are not medical professionals, we are not qualified to identify the organisms for our reader, as that would be tantamount to providing a diagnosis. What we can do in this situation is point our reader in the right direction of where she can go for help.

To begin with, she could visit her GP/doctor, though we know from many of our other readers’ experiences that this can turn out to be a waste of time. Many of our readers, who have gone to see their doctor after finding worms (or some other kind of organism) coming from their bodies, have been turned away and told that they are delusional. Although delusional parasitosis is a real condition, by which one is convinced one is infested with parasites when one really is not, most doctors do not make this diagnosis confidently but rather because they actually do not receive training in parasitology. For that reason, we tend to recommend that our readers instead seek physicians who specialize in these types of infections. In this field, there too are multiple options for our reader.

If our reader wants to have an in-person consultation with a physician, she can find one in her area by either doing a Google search for “medical parasitologist (name of her closest big city)” or “tropical medicine specialist (name of her closest big city)”, or by consulting the ASTMH (the ‘American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene’), which has a service that locates infectious disease physicians within the given area of the patient.

Alternatively, if our reader wants to use an online resource, or book an online consultation with a physician, the PCI (Parasitology Center Inc.) is a great resource for all things parasites. She will find that through their website she can order a comprehensive stool sample to test for any intestinal parasites and she can contact Dr. Omar Amin for any help relating to her problem, as well as for the man she mentioned in her query.

To conclude, all of this is not to say that our reader is definitely dealing with parasites, but seeing as these worms are coming from her — and this man’s — body, we think she will have the best chance of receiving help from an infectious disease physician. Whilst we are not able to identify these organisms, we hope that this article was still helpful to our reader and that she, and the man she mentioned, get the medical attention they need as soon as possible.


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Man and Woman Deal with Hooked Worms Coming From Nose and Sores
Article Name
Man and Woman Deal with Hooked Worms Coming From Nose and Sores
"This one worm with the hook on it came out of his nose, the other one that had 2 in it came out of a sore in my leg," this reader writes to us. She wonders if we can tell her what these worms are.

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

6 thoughts on “Man and Woman Deal with Hooked Worms Coming From Nose and Sores

  1. So the doctors love to prescribe antibiotics. Our soap is antibacterial.

    Is it effective against Wolbachia?

    Wolbachia is a genus of intracellular bacteria that infects mainly arthropod species, including a high proportion of insects, and also some nematodes. It is one of the most common parasitic microbes, and is possibly the most common reproductive parasite in the biosphere.

    Could the black worms be bacterial flagellates? The hygiene theory says we shouldn’t have these problems. But that’s a theory, right?

    Look into wolbachia. Everyone that says it started with a lice or a mite may be interested to know more about wolbachia.

  2. Here to say I’m sorry you’re experiencing this and whether or not anyone else believes you, I do. I can say you’re not crazy for wanting to talk about it…yet.

    You may continue to be disregarded and likely remain undiagnosed or become misdiagnosed as mentally ill if you continue to show symptoms to irrelevant, non-research minded medical doctors mentioning anything they cannot refer out or cure the symptoms of your issue.

    My message here is to stop questioning your sanity. DO get any professional help that you can. STOP telling doctors what you think it is or alleging they’re wrong. Just stop. Because you may or may not know and feel differently but it’s just gonna put a mark in your chart and fuel potential ammo for the next a-hole to dismiss you because they dont want to look or research anymore. Often they do not want to opine against a colleague. Just stop asking if they seem irritated.

    DO seek a 2nd, 3rd or 99th opinion on symptoms / environmental issues.. Dont try to make anyone know or see something they don’t want to. You’ll see that there are professionals that will keep an open mind and recognize they either don’t know and need to get back t9 you, and there are just as many that will have you sent off to behavioral health therapy for even the mere suggestion of rare disease or opportunistic infection they’re not privy to. Just don’t talk to those doctors.. Youll know when you talk to them. Actually, getting a doctor to say, “I don’t know.”, may very well be the best answer you will receive – and perhaps the one you should trust the most.

    So what I’m finding is there’s something that happens when pesticides and biocontrol are employed to reduce known pests. Worldwide in plants, animals and homes.

    But…everything eats something. So if its not studied well enough or not done in a truly top- down manner – something else is still always left hungry. And what we know is that, everything eats something. Ignorant or shortsided biocides – well this is how parasites and other pathogens mutate in our environmemt and our bodies. When the food source is eliminated or no longer appealing, everything will survive, right? Of course it will. Or else we’d have the cures to all the nasties. This too shall pass. But some species will be killed.

    I’m working to expose what is looking more and more like an unacceptable enzoonotic to human pathogenic filarial worm being employed and passed to us through cotton garments in an an attempt to control blight in cotton fields.

    Hear me out – there has been beneficial nematodes used to spare cotton fields for years. And thankfully, the cotton industry hasn’t buckled. But…. and theres always a butt….lol. My theory says some of the very agents keeping the cotton industry alive are affecting human health negatively.

    The pandemic too – well it had people hoarding paper products and relying on items shipped and stored in paper boxes made of … cotton.

    Maybe cotton was what was making everyone sicker than they needed to be. Maybe these biocontrol efforts and nematodes are responsible for autoimmune issues and long covid… look at the market forecast for non-wovables. It’s happening…

    You can believe it or not, but I’ll say again – dont wrote it off. You’re not alone in being dismissed by medical professionals. You won’t change anyone’s mind. This isnt personal. Thousands are feeling all weird. SO many are self medicating in the worst ways. And most of the people who are – are dealing with these sensitivities to biocontrol or beneficial crop nematodes.

    Even American cash is made from….cotton. The dollar is suddenly no longer welcome in many businesses for a reason. It is happening. Wtf is nontangible tokens and how dod they become a thing? Because you don’t have to see them to believe them. Its because cotton! In your face and buckling no doubt. Cotton is contaminated. Look at your qtips. Theres moving threads. Be mindful of retailers that dvise or prefer you don’t use cash. They’re invested and or using the pesticide or nematodes.

    Look into certain company CEOs that step down abruptly to pump money into biotechnology.

    We all-seem to have either, coexisting fungal infections, pets with fungal infections and / or previously asymptomatic roundworm infections… it’s a given. Humans and animals. But cotton rats and their FLEAS are the source of widespread illness and plague. Read that again.

    It’s everywhere. I’ve unboxed sealed containers of a sweater on Amazon and even medical supplies – sterile alcohol swabs infested with what is a moving hair thin nematode. It isn’t a plastic, it isn’t a delusion. Upon microscopy it is a nematode!! That can live in 70% alcohol!!!!

    But it saves cotton crops, the economy and supposedly kills cotton rats and fleas. It is pathogenic to humans who have fungal overgrowth in their bodies and homes.

    I’ve used microscopy to identify not only c. hepatica, but dirofilaria in my home. Free-living. I’m trying to connect it back to medusa / polyps in mythology to make sense of the legions and moving hairs. It may sound crazy – until you have some very determined people with the scientific tools and experience to come together.

    So no, I am not sure what you have. But if it’s like what we have, it’s distributed worldwide – seemingly as a c hepatica nematode that arrives via cotton and is used to kill rats. But it is possibly passing malaria and filariasis to humans.. acting symbiotically with cat and dog heartworm. Not everyone is sensitive. Apparently, most people take their antihistamines and other drugs and can get on with life. Some people entertain a horrible response to these “beneficial” biocontrol nematodes.

    Perhaps we need to adjust enough to function well enough and prove that it is not beneficial to all. And fight for the removal of wolbachia, c. hepatica being sprayed on cotton fields. Or perhaps we’ll be disposed of – if it doesn’t affect the greater population. But I have a feeling it will be tied into major cancers like toxocara. We must be more responsible bout employing nematodes for biocontrol.

    We need to be strong – remain relevant and voice our experiences. Without studying the sensitivities of biocontrol gone wrong – nothing will change. And something needs to happen.

    Delusions were to blame for many autoimmune diseases that now have a treaent and a known pathogenic. And same for lung cancer in children and nonsmokers. It’s called parasites. Roundworms. Nematodes. Toxocara.

    Widespread c hepatica – is it the next vector of cancer? Whatever keeps cotton alive right?

    Chicken or egg? Which came first? The dismissed symptoms or the mental sequelae? It’ll come out soon enough. We matter.

  3. I’m suffering with a very similar situation and cannot get any help doctors don’t believe me and when I show them photographed they just cringe these little bugs worms bite you they bite me I dig them off take pictures of them I truly need some help to get rid of this problem

  4. I’m living with this very same issue. No doctor no hospital no one even looks up my nose, in my eyes, ears, hair coming out, n
    ose hairs gone. I don’t know what the hell to do. I look terrible, sores on face, arms, shoulders. Worms and bugs. Last night something jumped across my face and slid in my left eye. I can see it but now what? It’s evidence and I got a little excited but now who do I see ?

  5. As per man and woman deal with possible worm from nose and sores. Our whole family has same thing. I have better photos. We are from Minnesota, it started end of June. Is it a mutation of something new? We don’t know, is starting to cause lung issues with youngest child, 4 years. Drs say It’s “dirt” or “scab”…they don’t even want to look. Give us steroids and send away. I would guess more people have this, it needs to be diagnosed. Where are these people from? Is it only in North?

    1. I’m suffering with a very similar situation and cannot get any help doctors don’t believe me and when I show them photographed they just cringe these little bugs worms bite you they bite me I dig them off take pictures of them I truly need some help to get rid of this problem

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