Little Black Worms Appear After Rain

earthworm in dirt

We recently heard from a reader about some mysterious worms. He explained that there are little (about 1 inch long) black worms that come into his house and are all over the outside of his house as well. He said that these creatures are especially present after a lot of rain. He didn’t ask us any specific questions, but based on the questions we get from other readers, we think we know what he is curious about. We assume he wants to know what the specimens are, why they are appearing, and how to get rid of them.

Although he did send us a brief description, we really don’t know anything about what these worms look like. We know they are small and black, but those physical characteristics can apply to several different species of worms and worm-like organisms. Sometimes when there isn’t a physical description, we can rely on other details to identify a specimen. For example, a photograph can be extremely helpful. Unfortunately, he didn’t include a photograph. We also don’t know where he lives geographically. This can be a helpful clue because some species of worms are only present or common in certain parts of the world, or in specific climates and environment types.

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Since we don’t have enough information, we sadly cannot provide any answers to the questions we mentioned above. We do have some ideas of what our reader is not dealing with. Two species that often appear after rainstorms are earthworms and bloodworms (midge fly larvae). We have heard from readers about these worms covering driveways and sidewalks after large amounts of rain. However, neither bloodworms or earthworms fit our reader’s description: small and black. Both are red or brown, thin, and several inches long.

To conclude, a reader found some small black worms in and outside of his home after some rain storms. Unfortunately, we don’t know what kind of specimens our reader is dealing with. If he can, we encourage him to take a picture of the creatures or send in a more detailed description so that we can figure out what these mysterious organisms are!

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Little Black Worms Appear After Rain
A reader found some small black worms in and outside of his home after some rain storms. Unfortunately, we don't know what kind of specimens our reader is dealing with.

Author: Worm Researcher Dori

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