Light Colored Wiggly Worm


She didn’t provide a picture or any other details that might be clues to solve this mystery. However, we think that based on the description our reader might have found maggots.

Maggots are fly larvae, often white or cream colored and about the size of a grain of rice. They feed on decaying matter. It is possible that something died in the vent or wall of the house, like a small rat or mouse, and the maggots are returning to eat whatever lies behind the baseboard. Getting rid of these maggots will require getting rid of the dead animal, as well as ridding the house of adult flies that are laying eggs that hatch the larvae.

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Since the infestation isn’t at the reader’s home, she should contact the property manager of the holiday cottage. They can decide how to proceed with getting rid of these pests.

We want to conclude with the possibility that the reader has discovered a different bug than maggots. She could have discovered a different type of larvae or worm. It is difficult to say without more information.

We encourage our reader to let the property manager about the infestation sooner rather than later!

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In conclusion, a reader discovered some wiggly worm-like creatures on a vacation in a holiday cottage. We think that she has found maggots, and we recommend contacting the property manager to deal with the issue.

Light Colored Wiggly Worm
Article Name
Light Colored Wiggly Worm
We received a question from a reader on vacation at a holiday cottage. She found a small worm-like creature that wiggles when it moves and is light in color. She only saw one at first, but later noticed there were a lot more and that they seem to have a place behind the baseboard that they retreated to.

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