Leech-like Worms Plague Reader Who Asks for Help

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“Have recently found a very small” worm, states this reader in his submission regarding the “black, glossy” creatures pictured below. “Maximum size is three quarters of an inch, to an inch.”

He continues to describe the creatures as “leech-like”, stating that he has found them in his bed, clothing and in a rug. “They are biting my body, they’re in my hair, and I have no idea what these are. I say leech-like because you don’t feel them when they’re biting you and drinking your blood. They leave little scabs on your skin, and scalp. Can someone help me? And how do I manage this problem?”

Now, given that these creatures are “biting” our reader and “drinking” his “blood”, we must clarify that we will not be able to identify these creatures. When organisms cause direct harm to a reader’s body, we must assume that it is potentially a situation that is medical in nature. And since we are not medical professionals, we are not qualified to identify such organisms.

With that said, we will not be able to tell him how he should manage this problem, as that would be tantamount to giving medical advice. Of course, we can still point him in the direction of people who are qualified to tell him this, and who will be capable of helping him. In this case, we suggest that he consult a medical parasitologist: they specialize in diagnosing and treating infections caused by organisms.

So, what we can recommend is that our reader do one or more of the following:

1) Search for a medical parasitologist in his area using this directory of medical parasitology consultants: https://www.astmh.org/for-astmh-members/clinical-consultants-directory.
2) Search for a local parasitologist by doing a Google search for “medical parasitologist (name of the closest big city)” or “tropical medicine specialist (name of the closest big city)”.
3) Get in touch with Dr. Omar Amin at the Parasitology Center at https://www.parasitetesting.com.
4) Contact Dr. Vipul Savaliya of Infectious Disease Care (“IDCare”) at idcarepa.com.

We should note that both Dr. Amin and Dr. Savaliya are available for online consultation, so our reader does not need to be in the vicinity of their physical offices to get help!

In conclusion, we are not qualified to tell our reader how to manage this problem, and what it is that is plaguing him. That said, we hope that the resources listed above result in him getting the help he wants and needs, and we wish him the very best.


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Leech-like Worms Plague Reader Who Asks for Help
Article Name
Leech-like Worms Plague Reader Who Asks for Help
"Have recently found a very small" worm, states this reader in his submission regarding the "black, glossy" creatures pictured below. "Maximum size is three quarters of an inch, to an inch."

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