Larva that Looks Like Brown Rice

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Without a picture, it is very hard to say for certain what type of creature this is. However, we will list a couple options.

First, our reader didn’t mention if he had a pet, but if he does this could be a segment of tapeworm. This is a really unlikely scenario because tapeworm segments die very soon after exiting the animal in its feces, and it’s also really unlikely that a tapeworm segment would end up on his leather jacket, unless the dog was sleeping on the jacket. However, we don’t think our reader is dealing with tapeworm.

Based on the description, we are pretty sure the reader is dealing with some type of larvae, but it is impossible to say which type. He likely found a type of moth larvae on his coat, but that is the most we can narrow it down. If he doesn’t find another, then he shouldn’t worry any more. However, if more appear in his home or on his clothing he should try to get a photo of it. Larvae feed on a variety of things that can be found in a household, but without more details we cannot determine what the food source might be.

We hope our reader doesn’t encounter any more of these small creatures, but we encourage him to take a photo and reach out to us again if he does.

In sum, a reader found a small larva on his coat that looked like a piece of brown rice. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to come to a conclusion about what this creature is, but we think it is a type of moth larvae.


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Larva that Looks Like Brown Rice
Article Name
Larva that Looks Like Brown Rice
We recently got a question from a reader about a brown/tan worm he found on the collar of his leather jacket. When he first noticed it he thought it was a piece of brown rice, but then it began to move. The movement startled him and he knocked it off, and therefore wasn’t able to take a picture. Our reader wonders what this could be and if it is a threat to his health or clothing.

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Author: Worm Researcher Dori

2 thoughts on “Larva that Looks Like Brown Rice

  1. My cat has worms and I can’t figure out what kind they are I doing research but I can’t find anything please help

  2. My cat has worms and I can’t figure out what kind they are I doing research but I can’t find anything please help

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