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K&E plastic worms are manufactured by K&E Plastics. The company also sells machining plastics. K&E plastic worms are mostly 5 ½ inches long and they come in all colors. The Bass Stopper Rigged Worm line includes colors such as black, black and white striped, black and red, black and yellow, natural, pink, orange/yellow/natural, chartreuse, grape (purple), brown, wine, and pumpkinseed. To purchase K&E plastics, click here or visit www.buyfishingstuff.com. K&E worms are available in single units or bulk.

Other Plastic Worms

Not to be confused with “gummy worms,” Mann’s Jelly Worms are not for eating – they are just for fishing. Mann’s Jelly Worms are currently the most popular type of artificial bait for fish of all kinds.

Mann’s Jelly Worms fall into the “soft bait” category. Mann’s is considered the original jelly worm, with a patented flat paddle tail and unique pattern. The flat paddle tail allows for the perfect amount of action, even in slow currents. The Mann’s Jelly Worm line includes: Motor Oil, Cherryseed, Blue Whitetail, Purple Chartreuse Tail, Black Chartreuse Tail, Black Firetail, and Blue Firetail.

Motor Oil
Brown body with slightly lighter paddle

Light red body with lighter red paddle, covered with black dots.

Blue Whitetail
Blue body, clear paddle.

Purple Chartreuse Tail
Dark purple body with lemon colored tail.

Black Chartreuse Tail
Charcoal body with yellow paddle.

Black Firetail
Charcoal body with pink paddle.

Blue Firetail
Electric blue body with pink paddle.

Mann’s Jelly Worms are available in six inch and nine inch varieties and you can purchase them in packs of ten. Mann’s also sells other artificial bait in all shapes, sizes, and colors. These include” Mann’s Dragin’ Finesse Worm (sand eel), Mann’s Draggin’ Worm (cross between a fat-tailed grub and a sand eel), Manipulator Worm (one of the most productive jellyworm ever produced), Mann’s Augertail Worm (half worm, half tail), and Mann’s Draggin’ Jerkbaits.

Mann’s sells a wide range of unique products, so it would be tough to list them all here. What we can do is offer the following description for Mann’s Draggin’ Jerkbaits — one of Mann’s most unusual products.

These are another finesse bait, primarily designed for zander in the first quarter of the year when the water is cold and very little is moving. The slender forked tail has very small subtle movements, just enough to make the zander inquisitive. These also have a hollow body so that you can put the jighead inside if you wish or outside as normal and the cavity can be used for adding scent, either a piece of fish or wadding/cotton wool with attractants. These baits have accounted for a huge number of huge zander in Europe. A must for any vertical jigger. —By Sovereignsuperbaits.co.uk

Mann’s Jelly Worms may be purchased through Mann’s Bait Company or through literally hundreds of online retailers and bait shops around the world.

About Mann’s Bait Company

Established in 1956 by Tom Mann, Mann’s Bait Company has manufacturing capabilities in hard baits (crankbaits), soft plastics, spinnerbaits, lead lures, and hollow body baits. “The company’s products are used by fishermen throughout the United States and in over 50 countries around the globe. Mann’s brand, readily recognizable by its Indian head logo, carries a reputation unparalleled in the industry for high quality and superior performance.”

Mann’s Bait Company Contact Information:

1111 State Docks Road
Eufaula, AL 36027
Phone: 334-687-5716
Toll-Free: 800-841-8435
Email: sa***@ma*******.com


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